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Nov 2014 Sheep

Crazy Thanks: Grateful for Breaking the Silence

It didn’t seem to be a big deal at first. Doesn’t everybody have somebody in the family who is crazy? Yet as I got deeper into my own family story and saw just how deeply mental illness impacted my childhood experiences of home, I realized why all these years I have kept silent about it. But this silence came at a cost. It turns out that the silence about … Read →


When Tradition Becomes Commonplace

I suppose a pastor’s favorite holiday should be either Christmas or Easter…but truth be told, I love Thanksgiving. I have fond memories of waking up in morning and lazing around the house in my pajamas while the smell of turkeys filled the house. Did you catch that? I said turkeys: my parents always made one to keep at home (and snack on a bit…you know, just … Read →

danaes view

The Fragility of Skin

I step out onto the roof balcony off my church office and shield my eyes from the sunlight. On a clear day, I can see Mt. Rainier. Looking out over the landscape, I am so full of emotion that my skin feels tight and tender. I have emerged from my molting season into a new place, a new way of being. I am living into the questions I have been asking about the … Read →



“Give us this day our daily bread.”  Too often, I think, we hear this phrase preached as a call to the daily, a reminder to live in the moment, not thinking too far ahead and not lingering too long in the past.  I know I’ve preached that sermon more than once.  And although this message isn’t wrong (after all, the manna in the desert went bad if the people … Read →