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The Young Clergy Women Project is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women, defined as those under forty. …read more…

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We are our members. The young clergy women that join our project make us the dynamic group we are. …read more…

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TYCWP publishes new, fresh and evocative articles every Tuesday and Thursday written by members of our community on Fidelia’s Sisters. …read more…

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TYCWP offers conferences for continuing education and in-person fellowship. …read more…

Fidelia’s Sisters Magazine Articles


Small Town Listening

Munoz. Munzo? Moon-YO-sssss. Mun oz? Moon yo SSSS Mnozee? Moon,…
'All Are Welcome' sign above church doors

All Inclusive (a top ten list)

So often in ministry we preach the sermons we need to hear just…
The author competing in a triathlon.

When the Collar Comes Off

On Saturday, I stood on the second step of a podium, hands…

Why we don’t always feel like talking about race (and what to do about it)

The time is ripe for race talk. The problem is, some people…
United States flag, backlit

Of Streaming and Spies

I’ll admit it. I’m late to binge-watching TV. Six months…
Lattice Pie being held by someone in an apron

Ask a Young Clergy Woman: Potluck Edition

Dear Askie, Every month, our church has a potluck lunch after…
three traffic cones

Blocked Exits and Holy Ground

For the fourth day in a row, I was leaving the church building…
tears in an eye

The Choice to Look Away

I do this thing in the mornings. I wake up and check the Rubycam…