Who We Are

The Young Clergy Women Project is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women, defined as those under forty. …read more…

Our Community

We are our members. The young clergy women that join our project make us the dynamic group we are. …read more…

Our Publications

TYCWP publishes new, fresh and evocative articles every Tuesday and Thursday written by members of our community on Fidelia’s Sisters. …read more…

Our Conferences

TYCWP offers conferences for continuing education and in-person fellowship. …read more…

Fidelia’s Sisters Magazine Articles

pews askie dec 2016

Ask a YCW: Retired Minister Edition

Dear Askie, I'm a recently retired minister, and the church…
ministry lab nov 2016 featured

Finding Words

I have finally found my voice. I found my voice after seven years…

Making Coffee Kind Again

“Smile, sweetheart, the c*** lost,” he said. Not exactly…

A Hammock and a Window

I have a very un-humble confession to make: I adore the cover…

Harnessing Courage: A Review

Over the years, I have often wished that “regular” people…
lift your hearts nov 2016

Being That Relative

We all have That Relative. You know, the one who makes us cringe…
a child crying

A Message to the Margins: An Election Lamentation and Call to Action

The United States of America has elected Donald Trump its…
En pointe ballet shoes

Raising the Barre: Faith Lessons from the Ballet Studio

“Alright everyone, let’s face the mirror and stand in first…