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Blessed Are The Crazy

Book Review: Blessed Are The Crazy

“Blessed are the crazy for we shall receive mercy.” - Sarah Griffith Lund If you have ever struggled with mental illness or loved someone who has, then you know that we have a cultural problem. There are many misperceptions; high-profile, violent events have become the face of mental illness. Yet most people with mental illness are not dangerous. People … Read →


Life-giving Transition

My daughter’s face popped up on The Today Show’s fourth hour on July 22, 2014. Co-host Hoda Kotb said, “And Happy Birthday to little Lydia Davis.” Of course, I knew it was going to happen, but it was still shocking to see it when it did. A little prince was also celebrating his first birthday across the pond and because of that, there was a call to submit … Read →

Dorothy L. Sayers

How Dorothy L. Sayers Made Me an Anglican

“So long as the Church continues to teach the [humanity] of God and to celebrate the sacraments of the Eucharist and of marriage, no living man should dare to say that matter and the body are not sacred to her. She must insist strongly that the whole material universe is an expression and incarnation of the creative energy of God.” Dorothy L. Sayers, … Read →

Sarah and Kirsty

Learning to Walk the Christian Journey: Becoming a Godparent

This summer I became a godmother for the first time.  Somehow it was both a complete surprise and yet no surprise at all when an old friend, also a minister, and her husband invited me to take on this special role in their daughter Kirsty’s life. Becoming a godmother got me thinking:  What kind of godparent was I going to be?  When my friendasked me to be … Read →