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October 2014 Holiness Hotspots

Holiness Hotspots

On a beautiful July evening this summer, I ate dinner at a little table out my back door.  In the glorious, long-lived light of summer evenings, my eye caught a patch of the neighbor’s yard across the street.  The light hitting the section of the yard was golden.  Sunlight was passing through the various kinds of leaves so that they were not just green, but … Read →


When Procrastinating on the Sermon is Good

It was late July, and I was enjoying the school holiday break from my usual School Chaplaincy activities. Over those two weeks I had periodically glanced at the readings set for our staff commencement service on the first day back, at which I was to preach, but I was lost for ideas and put off the sermon writing a little longer. Then, just days before our … Read →


Blogging as Spiritual Practice

I have always loved writing. I was called to ministry when I was thirteen, but I felt called as a writer when I was eight years old. I won a school-wide poetry contest in the fourth grade. And when I went to college, I knew I was going on to seminary, so I decided to major in Creative Writing instead of religion, with a focus in creative nonfiction. In my … Read →


The Risky Thing About Risk

I spent my first two years of ministry scared to death. Now, preaching and teaching do contain some measure of risk, and running a committee meeting can be a risky endeavor. These things were part of what I knew I was signing up for when I was ordained. They were part of the job. Likewise, so were sitting with families while a loved one died, listening … Read →