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This is what clergy women look like!  Join us next year!

Images from “Out of the Deep: Pastoring in Creative Space”

Over 70 young clergy women from all over the world gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota just a few weeks ago for the seventh Young Clergywomen Conference.  We learned from our wonderful speaker, Rev. Ruth Harvey.  We could feel the Spirit's presence as we worshiped and prayed together.  We offered a conference that welcomed children, as well as one that … Read →


Bread and Blessing

“I wish I could receive at your church,” my stepson Ben said to me one Sunday as we all prepared for a busy day of worship, Sunday school, and meetings. It took me a minute to connect the dots and realize that he meant “receive Communion.” Ben is being raised Roman Catholic by his mother and stepfather. While communion is certainly important in the faith … Read →


Pilgrimage with My Mother

In May 2014, my mother and I walked the last 110km of the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. There have been many wonderful books, blogs and websites published about the pilgrim journey to Santiago, as well as many films, such as The Way with Martin Sheen. I commend all of these resources to you. I could fill pages with stories about the … Read →

July 2014 Emily and brothers

To Be or Not To Be… A “None”

My brothers and I were raised in a medium-sized Presbyterian congregation in a small southern city. We went to Sunday school, worship, and the Wednesday night program. Our parents were at various times youth advisors, ruling elders, worship leaders, and members of a supper club. We liked our pastor; we liked our church. But by college, none of us felt … Read →