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The author and her piano

A Companion for the Journey

  I sat in the blue Queen Anne’s chair (not mine) in the formal living room (not mine) of the parsonage (not mine, of course) and watched, nervously, as he took the cover off the grand upright piano (mine). He had a case of ancient-looking tools behind him on the bench, a cell phone in his back pocket. He opened the lid of the piano and removed … Read →


I Chose to Share Our Grief

Unsuccessful pregnancy… fetal demise… no heartbeat… dilation & curettage… miscarriage.  These ugly words brought with them painful thoughts, grief, loss and disappointment.  “It feels very surreal,” I told my friend.  “Maybe when we hear the heartbeat, then it will feel real.  I have wanted this for so long, that I have a hard time believing I’m actually … Read →


Thanks & Giving

Fall is a time of giving thanks in many cultures, particularly in the northern hemisphere, as it is our season of harvest. Fall is also the time of the annual giving campaign in many churches, also known as “stewardship season” or “pledge season.” Many people love celebrating Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival or similar holidays, but they dread coming to … Read →

Hold Hands And Go Right

My Saint Margaret

I have come across a few genuine miracles in my life. The Rev. Dr. Margaret Neill was one of them. I remember the first time I met her. I must have been in that impressionable teen/tween phase, and I had never met a woman preacher. It had always been men: Roman Catholic men with their solemn faces and their majestic robes, Baptist men with their sonorous … Read →