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Hapas, Hybridity, and Harmony: Raising Non-White Kids in a White Congregation

by Mihee Kim-Kort I picked up this article off of Racialicious. Color-blindness used to be the “goal,” until people realized that it wasn’t really doing the work. If people were “color-blind” to me it usually meant they saw me as “white,” or disregarded my tie to the Korean culture. This wasn’t helpful in terms of […]

“Prayer is powerful, as is love.”

an interview with Reverends Danielle and Denise Rogers The Rev. Danielle Rogers, a young clergy woman, serves St. Paul Community A.M.E. Church in Bozeman, Montana as the associate pastor. But there's a couple of twists. First: her life and ministry in this town have been filled with work against hatred and racism. Second: her senior […]

Sermon on Hate Crimes

by Vicki Flippin This morning, I want to start by having you imagine, for a moment, the situations in life in which you are supposed to feel the most safe.Like being in your own home, you should feel safe.Walking down the streets in your own neighborhood, you should feel safe.Going to school, sending your kids […]

Guess What She Does

by Hyemin Na A parishioner invited me along with some other members of the church to attend a meeting for Christian women in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. We were looking forward to a couple of hours together, including lunch, a guest speaker, a bag-pipe performance and fellowship with other Christian women in our region. […]

All the Single Lady Preachers

by Dominique C. Atchison My intention was to write about race and racism. I am an African American pastor in a predominately white denomination. I serve a multi-racial, actively anti-racist congregation. This is after all an issue dedicated to diversity. I wanted to lament about my denomination, which sometimes opts for tokenism over true diversity. […]

A Ministry of Authenticity

by Theresa Thames-Lynch As a child, I wanted to be everything. I often told my family and friends that I would grow up and become an opera singer, doctor, lawyer, florist and hairdresser. Yep, all at once. My family wholeheartedly endorsed my decision to be an attorney and some even suggested that I become a […]

Interpreting The Help or How to avoid being racist in the way we’re being not-racist

by Sandhya Jha Editor's Note: This installment of The Jesus Review marks the first in our month-long, publication-wide focus on diversity.  Its subject, the bestselling debut novel from Kathryn Stockett, has been a book group staple for over a year.  The Help tells a story of Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s, but its subject […]