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What is The Young Clergy Women Project?

Membership in The Young Clergy Women Project

TYCWP self-defines as a Christian organization that is for persons who are:

  • young (under 40, and ordained prior to 35)
  • female
  • clergy
  • ordained or exempt (keep reading to see how we define that)

TYCWP hopes that a wide variety of individuals will read our e-zine, Fidelia’s Sisters.

We do, though, restrict our more interactive programs to those that meet our membership criteria.  To join, complete the registration form here .

For more detailed membership information, including situations for which TYCWP considers exceptions to the above criteria, keep reading below the fold.

Membership is open to women under 40 and ordained before 35.  We accept females and males transitioning to female so long as they are engaged in public ministry as women.

Ordained women (including transitional and permanent deacons, so long as they have completed their educational requirements) along with United Methodist women that are commissioned as provisional members are the target audience.

TYCWP recognizes, though, that ordination is a complex and nuanced issue in many of our denominations, and we will work to find ways to include those women who serve churches (or ecumenical entities) in the same roles as clergy but are excluded from ordination due to gender or sexual orientation.

TYCWP cannot accept exception applications based on age, gender, or age at ordination.

Women who are serving clergy-like roles while waiting on ordination or completing ordination requirements are not eligible for The Young Clergy Women Project, but there is a companion group for you!  Check out Future Young Clergy Women.

Ordination exceptions are made by subcommittee of the TYCWP board.  To apply for an exception, send an email to youngclergywomen(at)gmail(dot)com.

For the complete TYCWP membership policies, download the file below:

Download Membership in the YCW