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White Girl Watching Lemonade

A few weeks ago, I finally watched Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade from start to finish. I was aware of the album when it first came out last year. I remember seeing the video for the song “Formation” and reading an article or two about the controversy that it sparked. I even watched the Saturday Night […]

Praying with Our Farmers

Like many good ministry ideas, this one came about by accident. I interned at two small, rural churches during my second year in seminary. At one of the churches – on my first Sunday there – the pastor invited me to the front of the sanctuary to introduce myself. He asked me to share two […]

Young Clergy Women, on Strike or Not

On March 8, 2017, in observance of International Women’s Day, activists called for American woman to strike from paid and unpaid labor, or to participate by joining a protest rally, not shopping or supporting women owned businesses, or simply wearing red to show support for women. Clergy women made many different decisions about how to […]

My Not-So-Dirty Secret

I first began writing romance novels when my twins were five months old; I was hooked up to the good old Medela breast pump and hunched over the laptop. I’d recently fallen back in love with reading the genre, with its unabashed celebration of female sexuality and romantic love. I was adjusting to my new, […]

A Poem on the Eve of Lent

God’s beloved dust, fabric of the universe— of planets newly discovered and ruins ancient, broken and us. God’s beloved dust, we’ll walk into wilderness on a Wednesday— a wilderness of words and want and wonder, a wilderness for the wise and the weary. God’s beloved dust, ushered from pew to pastor, they will pause. Eyes […]

Communion in the City

There’s a story, a myth perhaps, about a congregation that stopped all activities during Lent. That season they gathered for Sunday worship, and then the pastor and elders visited the homes of everyone in the congregation to serve communion. They held no meetings and no rehearsals – only worship on Sundays and in homes. Anytime […]

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Sunday morning after worship, I sat with Lidia*, trying desperately to hold back my tears as she occasionally wiped hers away, hiding them from her children. Lidia and her family are an integral part of our community of faith. They became members after Lidia and the previous pastor met in classes while they were both […]

Coming out of the Clergy Closet

Last year our oldest child started at a new child development center. Unlike the commercial daycare setting we’d ended up at during the first year of our new call, the school is small and intimate, priding itself on a very deep sense of community. It’s the kind of preschool where we receive regular invitations from […]