All members of The Young Clergy Women Project (TYCWP) or Future Young Clergy Women (FYCW) are welcome to submit a proposal for our Chalice Press imprint. All proposals must be submitted by TYCWP or FYCW members at the time of the proposal for consideration. To join this project, please submit a membership application. Proposals from non-members will be returned unread. TYCWP members that are on the verge of aging out of the organization may submit their proposals. So long as you are a member at the time of proposal, you are eligible. One does not have to be a US citizen to write a proposal.

Not Sure What to Write?

Chalice Press is looking for books in a variety of genres. Please review the materials already published by Chalice Press on their website for a peak at the types of things they are currently publishing. The types of work that Chalice Press is NOT soliciting is particularly important to pay attention to:

  • poetry
  • dissertations
  • children’s books
  • cookbooks
  • fiction
  • collections of sermons, newsletter columns, etc.
  • festschrifts
  • collections of essays, etc.

You may also want to download and read this brochure from them for better information about what they are publishing. Please note that TYCWP proposals do not need to include an initial “letter of interest.” Instead, your book proposal is directed to TYCWP as outlined in the Book Proposal Process.

What is included in the Proposal?

If you would like to write or co-write a book proposal for the TYCWP Book Series, you will be compiling all the documents ordinarily submitted to Chalice Press. Please download and carefully read the document “Book Proposal Guidelines-Chalice Press.” In your proposal, please be sure to address the following questions as specified in the proposal guidelines from Chalice Press:

  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Who is your competition?
  • How long will the book be?
  • When do you expect to complete the book?
  • What style and tone will you employ?

In your submitted proposal, you will also need to have a table of contents/outline and a sample chapter of 15-25 pages. Submit all of this information as an attachment (PDF or Word only, please–preferably Word) by email, by February 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1 or December 1 of each year.

How Does this Process Work?

Upon receipt of your proposal, a committee will be assembled to read your anonymous packet. This committee will make its suggestions as to whether or not it should be forwarded to Chalice Press. You will then be told whether or not we are forwarding your application to them. Forwarded applications will be read by Chalice Press’ Acquisitions Team. Chalice Press will make the final decision, and will contact those so selected. Once selected by the press, you will work directly with Chalice Press.

Please email Brenda Lovick for additional advice about this book proposal process.