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I’m a Fool for You

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Last year, late in the season of Lent, a full sanctuary of worshipers gathered with the lights dimmed to worship God, singing their beloved “Holden Evening Prayer.” A wide-eyed, dark-haired three-year-old from the congregation (She looked like a miniature version of me, bangs and all.) followed me to the front of the sanctuary as I […]

The Moms’ Group


Let’s talk about babies. For the last five years of my life, something has been happening in the background. I’ve already shared on my blog about my journey through seminary and internship, and my first years of being a pastor. I’ve shared about my family and some of my vacations, my love for baseball and […]

Skipping Over the Small Talk: An Open Letter of Gratitude

Aug 2014 YCW Twin Cities

“What’s the focus of that conference you’re going to tomorrow, Pastor Andrea?”  The question came from a parishioner following worship, where I had announced that I would be out of the office for the week. “Um…I can’t remember, actually.  I know there’s a theme…but it’s a conference entirely for young clergy women!” I’m hesitant to […]

A Vision


It’s the closest I’ve ever come to having a vision. There were no trances or hallucinations, no fevered frenzy or mystic insights for the ages. There was nothing dramatic that would call attention to myself or invite curious questions about my sanity. There was nothing like that. It was just an image that came quietly, […]

Touched Twice Health Clinic


I stood in the Sanctuary and saw the swarm of people wearing bright yellow and green “volunteer” t-shirts, sitting and chatting with one another, surprisingly chipper for 8:30am on a Saturday. They were some of the two hundred people that will help our second annual “Touched Twice Health Clinic” to go smoothly. We had been […]

Waiting for Cupid


“Sign up for Match!” your friends said. “My friend Beth met someone on there and they’re getting married in June!” your friends said. So you did. You shelled out for the six month period, trusting you’d never need that free additional six months because you’d meet someone special right away. When the six month subscription […]

Ask a Young Clergy Woman: Youth Ministry Edition


Dear Askie, I’m a recent seminary graduate, and still looking for my first call. I know I want to serve as an assistant minster for a few years, but the reality of my denomination is that most churches that can afford to call an assistant are looking for a youth pastor. I think I’m the […]

Board Books: What We’re Reading


Pastors, by nature of their calling, are word-lovers. We are story-tellers, readers, and writers. We spend time with our noses buried books, but it’s a great mistake to think that we only read the Bible or books about church and religion. Fidelia’s Sisters asked the current members of the Young Clergy Woman Project’s board what […]

Introducing the Board


The Young Clergy Women Project is organized by two boards — the Editorial Board and the Community Board. Together they form the Full Board, which offers vision and direction for TYCWP. Using various online meeting resources, the Editorial Board and Community Board each meet regularly throughout the year. The Full Board also meets periodically online, and once […]

Images from “Out of the Deep: Pastoring in Creative Space”

This is what clergy women look like!  Join us next year!

Over 70 young clergy women from all over the world gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota just a few weeks ago for the seventh Young Clergywomen Conference.  We learned from our wonderful speaker, Rev. Ruth Harvey.  We could feel the Spirit’s presence as we worshiped and prayed together.  We offered a conference that welcomed children, as well as one […]