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Healing Sanctuary

Dec 2014 Blue Candle

In the church parking lot, I was breathing deeply.  I knew that going inside was something I needed to do, but I also knew that it would be hard. I had no idea just how comforting attending my first Blue Christmas service would be. I was nervous about going.  I mean, who really wants to […]

Advent, 2014


You might be a preacher if … the refrains in your head after the non-indictment of Michael Brown’s killer in Ferguson, MO are “your brother’s blood is crying out from the ground” and “Rachel is weeping for her children. She refuses to be consoled, because they are no more.” You might hear those refrains intertwined […]

Holy Sexuality


Let me be honest. I do not know a single friend or peer in my generation who has waited until marriage to have sex. I’m not saying they don’t exist; it’s just that I don’t know any of them. I have yet to attend a wedding where the couple is not already living together, or […]

The Single Rev by Choice, for a Season


You know the poem about how people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Singleness sometimes feels like it has come into my life (unbidden) for a lifetime, but I’m choosing it for this season. God and I have had words about this singleness business on more than one occasion. […]

Ask a Young Clergy Woman: Holiday Drama Edition

Christmas Nostalgia

Dear Askie, My daughter is a Pastor and I am so upset that she won’t come home for Christmas. We had wonderful family Christmases but now she’s always missing. She takes off at other times so why can’t she take off for one Christmas! She cares more about her congregation than her family! She knows […]

So, Santa and John Calvin Walk into a Bar…


It’s the time of year again, when we try to figure out what to do with Santa around here. And this year, I’ve reached some new clarity on the issue, with the help of Zora’s continually astute questions and a little assist from my dear John Calvin. To review, we never really told Zora about […]

Gratitude for a Life Saved


During the month of November, Fidelia’s Sisters will be exploring the theme of gratitude and what it means to live out of a sense of abundance. Please enjoy these reflections on the goodness of life and ministry and follow our #thanksliving14 media project. “Why are you so quiet this morning?” my husband asked me as […]

A Legacy of Gratitude

UTO Blue Box

I currently sit on the board of a very old organization within The Episcopal Church, aptly named the United Thank Offering. The United Thank Offering exists to fund and promote mission work in the church. It does this through the Blue Box, where folks are invited to prayerfully place their coins as they offer up […]

Crazy Thanks: Grateful for Breaking the Silence

Nov 2014 Sheep

It didn’t seem to be a big deal at first. Doesn’t everybody have somebody in the family who is crazy? Yet as I got deeper into my own family story and saw just how deeply mental illness impacted my childhood experiences of home, I realized why all these years I have kept silent about it. […]

When Tradition Becomes Commonplace


I suppose a pastor’s favorite holiday should be either Christmas or Easter…but truth be told, I love Thanksgiving. I have fond memories of waking up in morning and lazing around the house in my pajamas while the smell of turkeys filled the house. Did you catch that? I said turkeys: my parents always made one […]