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2015 YCW Summer Conference

Congress Street

This Summer, the YCW are GTT[1] I look forward to the Young Clergywomen Conference every summer. For me, it’s a no-miss July ritual, right up there with hotdogs and fireworks. The Young Clergywomen Conference re-charges mind, body, and soul, comfortably navigating the line between solemnity and frivolity. Where else can you break from evening prayer […]



“Give us this day our daily bread.”  Too often, I think, we hear this phrase preached as a call to the daily, a reminder to live in the moment, not thinking too far ahead and not lingering too long in the past.  I know I’ve preached that sermon more than once.  And although this message […]

A Companion for the Journey

The author and her piano

  I sat in the blue Queen Anne’s chair (not mine) in the formal living room (not mine) of the parsonage (not mine, of course) and watched, nervously, as he took the cover off the grand upright piano (mine). He had a case of ancient-looking tools behind him on the bench, a cell phone in […]

Book Review: Blessed Are The Crazy

Blessed Are The Crazy

“Blessed are the crazy for we shall receive mercy.” – Sarah Griffith Lund If you have ever struggled with mental illness or loved someone who has, then you know that we have a cultural problem. There are many misperceptions; high-profile, violent events have become the face of mental illness. Yet most people with mental illness […]

Introducing the Board


The Young Clergy Women Project is organized by two boards — the Editorial Board and the Community Board. Together they form the Full Board, which offers vision and direction for TYCWP. Using various online meeting resources, the Editorial Board and Community Board each meet regularly throughout the year. The Full Board also meets periodically online, and once […]

Images from “Out of the Deep: Pastoring in Creative Space”

This is what clergy women look like!  Join us next year!

Over 70 young clergy women from all over the world gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota just a few weeks ago for the seventh Young Clergywomen Conference.  We learned from our wonderful speaker, Rev. Ruth Harvey.  We could feel the Spirit’s presence as we worshiped and prayed together.  We offered a conference that welcomed children, as well as one […]

Four Thoughts on Incorporating Faith Into Daily Family Life (For Clergy Moms and Everyone)


There is a proverb in Spanish: “En la casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo.” It means “In the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife.” In English we express the same idea when we say some variation of the proverb “The cobbler’s children are barefoot.” In Chinese: “The woman who sells fans uses her hands to fan […]

Introducing Ruth Harvey: Conference 2014


I’d like to introduce you all to my colleague, Ruth Harvey. Ruth is a person who stretches my mind and my soul whenever our paths cross. Back last summer when The Young Clergy Women Project’s Conference Committee met in a classroom at Vanderbilt Divinity School to dream and to imagine and to make tentative plans […]

Sometimes You Just Need to See the Love

People meeting up

Many of our members have excitedly jumped on board for our very first Meet-Up Week, scheduled for February 16-21, 2014.  (If you’re still looking for one to attend, the link to the map is here.) But maybe you’re hanging back, waiting to see how it goes first before jumping in.  Or maybe you’re thinking “I […]

Calling New Board Members!

The board hard at work during our 2013 annual meeting. We do, in fact, have fun, too!

Have you enjoyed reading articles by other young clergy women on Fidelia’s Sisters?  Have you gotten advice on a liturgical quandary or support during a difficult time through the Facebook group?  Have you benefitted from new learnings and side-splitting laughter at one of our conferences?  Are you excited about meeting up with other YCWs during […]