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Job Hunting for the Two Career Couple: When the Right Call Is Not the Church


I sat on the bed, listening to the shower. At my feet there was a massive pile of laundry, mostly my husband’s clothes. He was packing a large suitcase and moving to the East coast for a job. For the second time in 12 months, we were going to be separated. When we first met, we were […]

Two New Hymns: We Have Often Called You “Father” and Christ According To Your Measure


Before I began the ordination process, I wanted to be a writer.  I also come from a musical background and am a life-long choral singer.  So when I discovered the art of hymn-writing, it seemed like the perfect intersection of three things I love: words, music, and worshiping God. I wrote both of these hymn […]

Stepping Out

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I came out recently on facebook.  Not as gay.  That would have been no big deal to the vast majority of my friends.  I came out as a religious Christian. I didn’t really mean to come out.  I just got the email saying I was invited to the candidacy site of the General Board of […]

“The Reverend Doctor”

by Sarah Lund I might be one of the first among my young clergywomen peers to become a doctor. Why did I do it? My competitive nature.  I am the youngest of five children and three of my siblings are doctors (two medical and one academic).  The one without his doctorate is the smartest of […]

A Ministry of Authenticity

by Theresa Thames-Lynch As a child, I wanted to be everything. I often told my family and friends that I would grow up and become an opera singer, doctor, lawyer, florist and hairdresser. Yep, all at once. My family wholeheartedly endorsed my decision to be an attorney and some even suggested that I become a […]