In recent years, a small number of individuals and groups have donated monies to TYCWP for the purpose of providing financial assistance to Project members attending our conferences.

A limited amount of financial assistance of up to 50% of the registration fee is available for our Vancouver conference.  Please contact the Conference Committee if you wish to apply for this. Priority will be given to women satisfying at least two points of the following criteria

  • women who have been members of TYCWP for at least six months
  • women who have not attended a previous TYCWP conference
  • women who do not have access to any other source of continuing education funds
  • women who are slated to lead workshops at the current conference

TYCWP also received a small sum of money from the Women in Ministry Group of The United Reformed Church in December 2014. The United Reformed Church is a British union denomination consisting of Presbyterian, Congregational and Churches of Christ traditions. These funds are reserved for exclusive use by YCW who are nationals of, and resident in, a European Union or European Economic Area member country. They may also be used by TYCWP towards the cost of holding events in Europe. Financial assistance of up to 100% of the registration fee is available to women who satisfy this criteria and are traveling to our Vancouver conference from a European country. European women also may apply for financial assistance from the general fund outlined above according to the same criteria as any other TYCWP member.

Applications for financial assistance from either fund must be received by the Conference Committee by 30 April 2017. The Conference Committee will consider each application and inform applicants whether they have been successful no later than 15 May 2017. Any applicant wishing to appeal the decision of the Conference Committee may do so to the TYCWP Board. The decision of the TYCWP Board is final.