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Hopes and Fears and Grace and Love

A few months ago, a friend posted an e-card to my Facebook wall that read: “Of all the ways you’ve tried, I think you’ll find parenting to be the most fulfilling way of ruining your life”.  That, along with Karl Barth’s assertion that “Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace”, sums […]


Of feminism and pink things

I couldn’t tell you when I first started thinking of myself as a feminist.  It’s almost like asking me when I became a Christian — I was brought up this way.  In elementary school, I came home from the school library with junior biographies about Marie Curie and Betty Friedan and, no joke, Dr. Ruth. […]


Love Songs: A Sermon about Desire

by Bromleigh McCleneghan In the spring of 2009, the small congregation I was then serving as a solo pastor began to consider what it might mean for them to become a “reconciling church” — open to all people, regardless of sexual identity.  The church was located in a Chicago suburb, and most of active members […]


Lessons and Carols… and Poetry?

by Bromleigh McCleneghan While it may well be true of ministers in many settings, I found that as a solo pastor just starting out, the Advent and Christmas seasons were just the slightest bit daunting, particularly in a small church. Raised in larger congregations, I have long felt that church preparation for and celebration of […]



by Bromleigh McCleneghan A near-permanent fixture in the bathroom of my childhood homes was a book, usually a novel, laid on the counter, or the back of the toilet, with its spine flat, its pages splayed out, drying. My mother took a bath just about every night to help her relax, and just about every […]


The Lilith Fair

by Bromleigh McCleneghan Fumbling Toward Ecstasy provided the soundtrack for my first major mourning period following a high school break-up. Every night of that fall, I put the tape — dubbed off a friend’s CD — in my Walkman and curled up, staring out the window, letting Sarah McLachlan’s richly ethereal voice sing me to […]


Fidelia’s Sisters is turning two!

by The Editors Watch out, world; Fidelia’s Sisters is entering its terrible twos! We trust the year ahead will not involve too many temper tantrums—though the occasional spirited argument in the comments section of an article is always welcomed. In the last year, we said goodbye to Kate Smanik Moyes, our assistant editor whose job […]


Still a Writer

by Bromleigh McCleneghan “Pastor” did not top the list of my dream professions as a child, or even into junior high and high school, when the upper-middle class world I grew up in begins encouraging kids to firm up their vocational plans. Broadway star, lawyer, host of a show on National Public Radio about religion […]