We asked our members,
“Why am I a member of YCWI?”

Here’s what we heard:

“I love that I am reminded “I am not alone!” every time I read an article or interact on the Facebook page.”

“I value the wisdom of shared experience and the shared snark of those who have been there. The Spirit flows in our laughter and our love.”

“Being a young woman in ministry can feel lonely, it can be a time of exile…but with the support of Young Clergy Women International…there is an entire community, an incredible cloud of witnesses, who constantly remind me that I am not alone. Thanks be to God!”

“I like being able to seek advice from pastors whose perspective is similar to mine.”

“I often feel so alone and “odd” as a Baptist clergywoman but YCWI reminds me how large God’s kingdom is and that I *do* fit and my ministry *does* matter.”

“I am inspired by the offering of support and encouragement to one another in contrast to a society that drives us to compete.”

“A community of heartstrong, committed women of varying faith traditions who understand the joys and struggles of serving a faith and ministering across generations is an absolute Godsend to me, and inspires me to keep going and keep my head held high when things get tough.”

“There is nothing like connecting with fellow clergywomen. It is a wonderful thing to hear each other’s joys, challenges, and experiences. . .and to realize, “That’s ME! I’m not alone!” Making these connections has and will continue to enhance my ministry. I’m so thankful for my young clergywomen sisters!”

“I’m a member of YCWI because it reminds me I’m not the only one out there.”

“It is hard enough being a pastor, let alone a young female mom and pastor. The community support from others who are going through the same thing I am is priceless. We help each other and lift each other up.”

“Because we are amazing leaders and because we need each other.”