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Call the Midwife

I didn’t subscribe to Netflix until the beginning of this year.  When I finally did, I knew what I would be choosing for my first TV-show binge-watch:  the BBC series Call the Midwife. I had read the first of Jennifer Worth’s memoirs, on which the series is based, at my sister’s house in London in […]

Reviewing Her

When a friend encouraged me to see the movie Her a few weeks ago, my obligatory “What’s it about?” was met with “Huh?” when I learned it was about a romance between a human being and an operating system. “You will love it,” was the confident response. I did. The film is stunning on many levels with […]

Thinking Twice About My Mac

Last week, my husband and I watched a documentary on the history of advertisement (yes, nerd alert. We know it). It was actually more fascinating than I expected, and somewhat surprising in its main point. The argument was that by the late 50’s, “information based” advertising had pretty much run its course– commercials boasting “get the […]

Review of Amy Fetterman and Teri Peterson’s “Who’s Got Time? Spirituality for a Busy Generation”

Sunday, September 29th To Do: Hit snooze button. Shower, make coffee, struggle with zipper on clergy dress. Confront sea of baked goods for annual appreciation breakfast at church. Slice and display said sea of baked goods while lamenting gluten intolerance and pondering how much of pastoral leadership is actually event planning. Church. Appreciation breakfast. Wardrobe […]

Cooking For One

“I was going to take this class called Cooking For One but the instructor killed himself.” Liz Lemon, 30 Rock I really like to cook. I will spend days looking through cookbooks to find the perfect recipes, shopping for ingredients, and hours preparing a meal for a dinner party that will entertain those I love […]