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Stepping Out

I came out recently on facebook.  Not as gay.  That would have been no big deal to the vast majority of my friends.  I came out as a religious Christian. I didn’t really mean to come out.  I just got the email saying I was invited to the candidacy site of the General Board of […]

Nudges of the Spirit

I struggle deeply in those in-between times of the year, the Lenten fasting, the Advent waiting. The call nags and pokes me, but most church seasons I can stay so busy with ministry ‘stuff’ that I can push it to the back of my mind. Christmas? Easter? No problem, I can get wrapped up in children’s programs, […]

A Blue Paper Crane

I was sitting alone in the darkness of my seminary dorm room.  There was an exceptionally sad song playing on my iPod.   The tears were pouring down my face.   As I pulled another tissue from the box, I said out loud:  “I am not equipped to do this.  I don’t have what it takes to […]

Twenty-Five Minutes

As a graduate student, I find myself with very few days where I experience sabbath. When it comes to having assignments or reading to be done, those win out over having a day of rest. At the beginning of this semester I was continually taunted by assignments, work, continuing with the ordination process, and looking […]

Lens of Faith

Editor’s Note: Submissions are welcomed and should be sent to alongtheway(dot)ycw(at)gmail(dot)com. As the tears rolled down my face, Abby whispered, “The last piece, dear Katelyn, is learning to love yourself as God loves you.” My tears were a mix of relief, thanks and fear at saying “yes” to my first ministerial position. The tears came […]