Entries by Elsa Anders (Peters) Cook

Meet the Search Committee

This past year, every few months, I met with a group of young clergy with the Lewis Fellows. Every time we gathered, we began with a check-in where I got to explain once again: I’m still searching. My intention by participating in the Lewis Fellows was to offer a transition – with a built-in support […]

A New Home for TYCWP

by Elsa A. Peters We are launching a new website. Since our founding in 2007, TYCWP has called www.youngclergywomen.org our internet home. We started with the imagination of creating a space where young clergy women could theologically reflect about their ministry. We wanted to create a community of writers. We wanted to share our stories. […]

Vaginas Everywhere

I always thought I would be an artist. When I dreamed of who I would be when I grew up, it was always with a set of paints. It was always in some smock and a beret. Yes, it really was that cliché. And so, I painted. I drew. I sketched. I took every art […]

Finding Church

“It’s just too hard. I don’t know what to do,” my stepmother confessed. There was silence on our phone connection, which granted me enough time to put on my pastor hat, even if I was reluctant to adorn this accessory with my family members. It didn’t matter though. I was going to wear the hat […]

Not What You Might Expect

After a long pause in our conversation, I suppose that he felt the need to ask another question. I was inclined toward hanging up. The conversation had been annoying thus far. I didn’t see the potential for improvement. “So, what’s your favorite movie?” It is probably best that this was a phone conversation so he couldn’t see my eyes […]