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To Be or Not To Be… A “None”

My brothers and I were raised in a medium-sized Presbyterian congregation in a small southern city. We went to Sunday school, worship, and the Wednesday night program. Our parents were at various times youth advisors, ruling elders, worship leaders, and members of a supper club. We liked our pastor; we liked our church. But by […]

You Shall Love… Yourself

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 22:39b I remember the first time someone pointed out that Matthew 22:39 assumes that you love yourself. It’s a simple nuance to the second most important commandment, but it impacted me profoundly. “You shall love… yourself.” It is in our nature as clergy to desire to […]

Shards of Hope

“Do you think that somehow God doesn’t already know? That you’ve pulled a fast one over on God? I don’t know a lot about you, but I know this: our God, who created you, who somehow manages to be three persons and also one at the same time, sees you, knows you, loves you, and […]

Well Deserved Love Letters

Although this is a week after Valentine’s Day, it is never too late to give our partners some love – especially with everything they put up with being in relationships with us. Being partnered with a Young Clergy Woman can be hard at times. People in our congregations sometimes say mean/annoying/inappropriate things to our spouses/partners […]

Meaningful Mud

One Saturday last summer, I found myself climbing over several big mounds of wet and slimy mud on the way to the finish line of a six-mile obstacle course. For years, I’ve been a sporadic runner – training for a 5K here and there and then slacking off until even the thought of running a mile […]

Difference: Stone Walls or Open Doors?

When my partner Steve and I met, we learned quickly that our family cultures would collide. I was studying in seminary; he studied science in college and worked in sales.  I spoke the spooky Minnesota “oh’s”; he spoke a southern drawl.  I devoted my life to the church; he was not a churchgoer and frankly […]