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Generation to Generation

I’ve always been a birth geek. I loved the experience of being pregnant with my son. His birth (at home, without drugs; with the baby’s father, two midwives, and my mother present) was the most intense and painful experience of my life; I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Even before becoming a mother […]

The Love of the Play is the Thing

I have no doubt that I am called by God to the sacramental priesthood. Parish ministry is another story. While I find many elements of my job rewarding, there are plenty of things about being a generalist in a parish (which is all I’ve done for my six-plus years of ordained ministry) that don’t necessarily […]

Call the Midwife

I didn’t subscribe to Netflix until the beginning of this year.  When I finally did, I knew what I would be choosing for my first TV-show binge-watch:  the BBC series Call the Midwife. I had read the first of Jennifer Worth’s memoirs, on which the series is based, at my sister’s house in London in […]