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I Could Not Know

This is the testimony of a white woman, written primarily for other white people. I did not know, I could not see. I had no idea. Now, years later, I’m frustrated that my not knowing, my not seeing, was hurting people. I’m finding ways to live with discovering the harm I’m causing without reducing myself […]


Human beings are complex, created by God with many parts that make up our selves. In this article, two Young Clergy Women explore through art what it means to bear the yoke of ministry. Words sometimes fail us and are not always sufficient to relay all that cries out for expression. And yet, for some […]

Healing Sanctuary

In the church parking lot, I was breathing deeply.  I knew that going inside was something I needed to do, but I also knew that it would be hard. I had no idea just how comforting attending my first Blue Christmas service would be. I was nervous about going.  I mean, who really wants to […]

From Death to Life

Editor’s Note:  This may be difficult to read if you have pain around not being able to have a child or to breastfeed. Holy Week is a powerful time.  It is a time to tell a powerful story.  It is a time to tell stories of death turning to life. My body has often felt […]