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Of Streaming and Spies

I’ll admit it. I’m late to binge-watching TV. Six months ago I didn’t understand why people would view all the episodes of a newly-dropped season over the course of a weekend. If you like the show so much, why don’t you stretch it out, savor it? I wondered. That was before I had access to […]

A GIF From God

I pushed back from the table, breathless at what I had just seen. It was July 2011, and I was sitting in a room at Duke University with dozens of other female ministers. We were gathered for the last morning of The Young Clergy Women Project conference, and keynoter Winnie Varghese had invited us all […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Most women of the Friends generation have endured, at least once, that excruciating rite of passage known as The Break-Up. There are three general types of break-ups: The Amicable Break-Up: The two dating partners agree that one or both of them have outgrown the relationship, and they leave the door open to friendship. The Claw-My-Eyes-Out Break-Up: You […]

My Elective in Musical Outreach

As my first year of seminary drew to a close, my friends and I decided that we needed to commemorate our survival of a particularly difficult class. We kicked around several ideas, and ultimately we voted to raise a glass and take in the vocal stylings of some local “talent.” In other words, we were […]