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Opening Worship

Opening Worship 7-29-19 There were arches and a peak made of wood and polished, carved with a clover symbol for the Holy Trinity.   And feathers were laid on the altar, beyond the rail where the minister presides, which was draped with green and white for ordinary time.   And the organ pipes spread their […]

Midrash on the Beach

One of the things I love most about preaching is the opportunity to imagine between the lines of a story. I can’t resist a chance to illuminate the scene and characters from my own imagination. The Bible is often sparse in its literary detail, to put it lightly – I mean, come on, parchment is […]

Submit? I’d Rather Not

As a pastor who leads day in and day out, I feel comfortable when I am the primary authority, giving vision and guidance to others on how things need to be done. But as a woman in an egalitarian relationship with a man, I feel less comfortable—all right, I admit it: I feel very angry—when […]

In the words of Beyoncé

In 2001 I was in a car accident that briefly landed me in a wheelchair. That event physically changed my body forever. Rolling myself around but also being relatively immobile, I noticed my upper arms got larger and stronger. For lots of different socially imbedded reasons, I did not like this new look in my […]

Remembering Rachel Held Evans

Last Saturday, Christian author Rachel Held Evans died suddenly at the age of 37. She was a prolific blogger, author of four books, conference organizer and speaker, and was known for her public voice on social media as a progressive Christian, ally, and advocate. Rachel was loved not just because she was courageous and tenacious; […]

The Attempted Intimidation of Mary Magdalene

This is a poem based on Matthew 28:4, 11-15, reminding us that if the resurrection is for real, we have to #believewomen. You didn’t see what you saw. You think anyone is gonna believe you stayed on your feet when the big strong men didn’t? You think anyone is gonna believe you saw a dead […]