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Looking Over My Shoulder

When I was in seminary, and ordination loomed ahead, we, the young soon-to-be-clergy women, often discussed what to wear underneath our cassocks. I guess we were scared. I guess we saw our whole future ahead of us as very respectable members of society, and we were panicking. In any case, we discussed underwear. Black lace? […]

The Power of Words

Rev. Molly F. James, PhD Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, CT August 20, 2017, Proper 15A Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28 May God’s Word be spoken. May God’s Word be heard. May that point us to the living Word, who is Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. As a part of my PhD program, I […]

A Quiet Generosity

This is a photo of my grandfather and me. It is from commencement weekend at Tufts University in May 2002. Three years later, we would take a similar photo as I received my MDiv from Yale. And six years after that, he would fly to England to sit in an auditorium and watch me receive […]

As A Mother

The sweetest part of my day is the sound of little voices calling “Mother, mother.” I have never given birth, nor have I adopted children. But most mornings, as I open the door to my church, I am greeted by the tiny denizens of my church’s preschool, and their chipper little hellos. They call me […]

Grace-full Resolutions

January brings new beginnings. There’s calm after the flurry of holiday festivities. New calendars are crisp and white, empty dates full of promise. It’s an opportunity and often a yearning to start anew, to make changes for the better as we embark on the New Year. And so with varying degrees of earnestness, we formulate […]

2015 YCW Summer Conference

This Summer, the YCW are GTT[1] I look forward to the Young Clergywomen Conference every summer. For me, it’s a no-miss July ritual, right up there with hotdogs and fireworks. The Young Clergywomen Conference re-charges mind, body, and soul, comfortably navigating the line between solemnity and frivolity. Where else can you break from evening prayer […]

Unwrapping Grace

It was her first Christmas, or, perhaps more accurately, it was her sixth Christmas, but the first one we would celebrate as a family. Fifty-one days earlier, she had shown up on my front porch, a piece of pizza in one hand, a very small suitcase in the other and a foster care caseworker standing […]

Advent, 2014

You might be a preacher if … the refrains in your head after the non-indictment of Michael Brown’s killer in Ferguson, MO are “your brother’s blood is crying out from the ground” and “Rachel is weeping for her children. She refuses to be consoled, because they are no more.” You might hear those refrains intertwined […]