Entries by Emily Zeig Lindsey and Erica Schemper

Introducing the Board

The Young Clergy Women Project is organized by two boards — the Community Board and the Editorial Board. Together they form the Full Board, which offers vision and direction for the project. Once a year the Full Board gathers in person. This year, the Full Board gathered in Nashville immediately following our sixth conference. In […]

Come to Chicago!

When I entered ordained ministry over 3 years ago, there were days when I felt rather alone. As a single woman, I was living alone in a manse built for a family. Four bedrooms left me plenty of space to spread out and get creative (home office space to house my book addiction – sure! […]

Open Relationship

I never thought I would end up in an open relationship. I never dreamed that this is the way my life would unfold. But then, as a young clergywoman, I followed God’s call to a small town in northwest Pennsylvania. The town is a typical small town. There’s a downtown committed to keeping chain stores […]