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Getting Out

They say mirrors never lie, and mine said “You look fabulous!” It was one of those nights when my clothes fit perfectly, my hair did exactly what I wanted it to do, and my skin had spared me its temperamental breakouts. I swayed to the beat of my stereo while applying mascara to my lashes […]

The Gift of Gentleness

For twenty-five years, my Christmas Eves remained much the same from year to year. My parents, siblings, assorted other relatives, and I would gather to consume a massive feast. We would sing Christmas carols in harmony. We would eat more food, and open piles of presents. The house would be bright with colored lights and […]

Being Single, Being Me

I began seminary with several single classmates, but our number was significantly reduced over the three years we spent there. By senior year, it seemed like a mass headlong rush to the altar. Those of us who had not joined the stampede mostly avoided the topic, as though voicing it would speak it into reality, but in a fit […]