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A Trauma Informed Pandemic Ministry

When I modified the passing of the peace for worship on March 8, others in our county-seat town in Northwest Ohio didn’t seem concerned about the virus yet. I received some funny looks but mostly laughs, and the congregation went along with it. On the way out the door one of our oldest members came […]

Praying while Frayed

Let’s pray together: We try to have a good attitude about it, God, but sometimes we just run out of juice for that. We’ve got no more energy to pivot, to try things a new way, to have patience. It all boils out. Sometimes we stop talking, and sometimes we talk too much. Sometimes we […]

I’m not praying for you.

I’m not praying for you. I’m not praying for you. I’m not praying for you. As if your tears don’t carry the weight of your hurt, and God is somewhere else waiting to be paged by the righteous. As if the mother alone in her room- partner gone and babies asleep- crashed into the mattress […]

The Mask

Did you know that for what seems like forever, I have had to wear a mask whenever I want to go out of the house? It’s a mask meant to protect me from an invisible disease. Did you know that people in positions of power knew about this disease but chose to deny it, and […]

A Protest Chaplain’s Story

It was muggy and warm and not really comfortable in Atlanta that day. A minister friend and I put on our clergy collars, parked at the local church, and walked to the George Floyd protest. The national guard had blocked pedestrian walkways, forcing us to walk an additional mile just to join the others that […]