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Never a Fatherless Child

This Father’s Day will be the first on which my son’s father is no longer my husband. He left me for another woman earlier this year, and though he has so far been faithful to the custody agreement with our son, I worry constantly about Ollie not having the kind of father he will need […]

One Beautiful Change

Editor’s note: In celebration of our book partnership with Chalice Press, we are giving away a book from one of our YCW authors!  Please consider buying, reading, or even writing a book for TYCWP’s imprint with Chalice Press. In a Q&A for the Patheos Book Club, I was asked if I wrote Any Day a […]

God’s Storyteller

Most of my pastor friends who are also moms have either younger children than I do, or much older.  Much has been written, and rightly so, about parenting a baby while you lead a council meeting, night nursing followed by church in the morning, and how to manage day care and babysitting with the odd […]