All members of Young Clergy Women International (YCWI) or On the Road are welcome to submit a letter of inquiry with a book idea for our Chalice Press imprint. All inquiry letters are usually submitted by YCWI members, On the Road members, or YCWI alumnae for consideration. To join Young Clergy Women International, please submit a membership application. Proposals from non-members will be returned unread. So long as you are a future, current, or former member of YCWI, you are eligible. One does not have to be a US citizen to write a proposal.

Not Sure What to Write?

Chalice Press is looking for books in a variety of genres. Please review the materials already published by Chalice Press on their website for a peak at the types of things they are currently publishing. The types of work that Chalice Press is NOT soliciting is particularly important to pay attention to:

  • poetry
  • dissertations
  • children’s books
  • cookbooks
  • fiction
  • collections of sermons, newsletter columns, etc.
  • festschrifts
  • collections of essays, etc.

You may also want to download and read this brochure from them for better information about what they are publishing. You will start with a letter of inquiry to present your idea for publication to Chalice.

What is Included in the Inquiry Letter?

If you would like to write or co-write a letter of inquiry for the YCWI Book Series, you will be compiling all the documents ordinarily submitted to Chalice Press. Please download and carefully read the information on Chalice’s website about “Author Guidelines at Chalice Press.” In your letter, please be sure to address the following questions as specified in the abovementioned website:

  • How will your book grab the audience’s attention?
  • What assumptions does this book challenge?
  • How will your reader’s life be enhanced by reading your book?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How are you uniquely qualified to write the book?
  • What is your platform?  How will you let your audience know about your book?

How Does this Process Work?

Please submit your inquiry letter to both [email protected] and [email protected]. The Acquisitions Team at Chalice Press will review your letter and be in conversation with YCWI’s Chalice Work Group. If the team at Chalice wants to hear more about your book, it will request a book proposal with a writing sample for your book.  Chalice will make all decisions about publication. YCWI Chalice Work Group is available to the author for support and guidance through the process.

Please email us for additional advice about this book proposal process.