Spring in Bloom: Photos

Today Fidelia’s Sisters celebrates spring with some flower photography by Katherine Willis Pershey.

Katherine writes:

I am a beginning photographer. After inheriting a good camera from my sister a few years ago, I now have, in my infant daughter, a pressing inspiration to learn how to use it. In addition to taking hundreds of photos of Juliette, I’m practicing learning the alchemy of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO at the  South Coast Botanic Gardens. Having grown up in the Midwest, the cactus gardens and butterfly amaryllis of Southern California have yet to lose their exotic, unfamiliar beauty.


This month we feature the photography of Elizabeth Marie Melchionna.

After graduation, Elizabeth Marie took a slightly different route than most seminary students. She applied–and received–a Luce Fellowship, a prestigious scholarship that allows young American professionals to live and work a year in Asia. During her year in Chiang Mai at Payap University’s McGilvary College of Divinity, Elizabeth Marie taught liturgy and English. She also traveled extensively throughout southeast Asia.

Below are portraits of three women (the first from Indonesia, the latter two from Thailand), while the fourth is a picture of a Thai church, far from any paved roads: Read more

New Art and Poetry

This month we are pleased to offer visual art and poetry together from two different artists, Mary Allison Cates (who created a series we featured in Advent) and Heidi Koschzec.

by Mary Allison Cates

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Long Road Home: Music by Stacey Midge

You’ve read Stacey Midge’s witty articles for Single Rev’s Guide to Life. Did you know she is also a musician? Click below to hear her play “Long Road Home”:

Long Road Home from Stacey on Myspace.



Storytime; We Crucified: Poems

This month’s Christ and Creativity feature…


They thought I was one of those teenage mothers who turned out all right.
But the county health department nurses didn’t know
that the young tornadoes in their waiting room
were only mine occasionally.

Both settled on my lap,
sister on one leg, brother on the other,
and I breathed unwashed blond hair
with every page of Berenstein Bears.

Home stayed home.
Hyper, Punch, and Kick took the afternoon off.
I was the Mama and Papa Bear hug that ends every story.
“Read us another one,”
tamed cubs chanted.

Occasionally, heaven visits earth for an hour.

The nurse told them how lucky they were to have a mom who reads to them.
“She’s not our mom!”
they yelled as they raced out.

But I could’ve been, wasn’t I?

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christmas ornaments and lights on Christmas tree

Merry Christmas

christmas ornaments and lights on Christmas tree

May Christ be born anew in you
this Christmastide!

inspired by “The First Noel”

they looked up,
and saw a star shining

in the east

beyond them


it hung fat in the

and taunted them
for days.

when they moved,
it slid alongside,

when they stopped
and turned, it halted too

and winked like an



in its message: approach.



in their response:
buzz off,

swatting it;

but a few sighed:

all right.

we’ll go that way,

just to get you

off our backs.

so they turned,
faced off with the light,

and walked a
lingering day and night,

but the further
they traveled, the more the beckoning star

remained far,

far beyond them.


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Reflections on Advent: A Way of Peace

The quote from James Agee ties the images together: “In every child who is born, the potentiality of the human race is born again, and of each of us, our terrific responsibility toward life, and the utmost idea of God.”

According to the artist, “New life happens, even in the face of global warming, war, poverty, and interpersonal conflict. May our saving Lord Jesus Christ be born in us again this Advent season, so that we may respond to our broken world by creating a way of peace.”

Click on images to see full-size versions:

Visual Reflections on the Lectionary

Letting Go. 15th Sunday After Pentecost. Luke 14: 25-33.

The power and mercy of God’s hold gives us courage to let go of that which holds us captive.

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This Month: Visual Art and Poetry

For this, our inaugural feature, we bring you two very different pieces, “On Women and Children and Poverty,” a visual piece by Suzanne Stovall Vinson, and “&,” a poem by MaryAnn McKibben Dana.

While the medium and focus of the two pieces differ from one another, each piece speaks to the particularity of women’s experience while touching on broader themes that unite many of us.

Are you a poet, fiction writer or visual artist? We want to hear from you! Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

And now, on to Christ & Creativity…

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