Creativity and Care: Original Cards

When I was in Junior High, I decorated my room in
rainbows.  Two six-foot tall
rainbow shades hanging on my wall. 
A rainbow lantern over my light.  Rainbow posters.
My decorating sensibilities are more refined these days, but
I still love color.  On a sunny
fall day, if you look in the Kansas sky about half-way between the horizon and
the top of the dome, you will see the most beautiful shade of blue there
is.  If you go for a walk in the

you might notice that different types of grass are different kinds of
green, which are all different from the iris stems which are different from the
maple leaves which are different from the oak leaves.  If you put out birdseed in early January on my back deck, you
will soon see a flutter of crimson, azure, and stunning charcoal gray.

My love of color is certainly one thing that draws me to
card making. I love laying out the papers and seeing which color combinations
work best.  I love stamping with
different colors of ink and painting the ink onto the paper.  Colors make me happy.
And the creative process makes me happy.  It is a joy just to sink into the
creativity God has given me rather than thinking about what I can say about the
Creator.  It is a blessing to have
some time, however long or brief, when the biggest problem to cross my mind is
how to fix the image that I just stamped crooked.  And, to be perfectly honest, it is a relief to have the
stamps tell me what I will say to the recipient of the card: “You Make Each Day
a Little Brighter,” “Sending Caring Thoughts Your Way,” “Many Thanks.”

Most Monday mornings I spend some of my Sabbath time making
cards.  It enlivens my spirit.  And the pastor in me likes to think
that when I send the cards, I am sharing a bit of that joy with others as well.



These are four stamps that I carved myself.

Purple flower

To create this stamped image, I inked my stamps with markers and sprayed them with water before stamping.


On this card I colored in stamped images using a water paint pen. The background is brayered ink.

I played with a lot of textures and layering on this card.

B day outside

Inside this card it says, "Happy b-day."  Get it?

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    thanks for sharing! Your cards are lovely as is the image of creating/writing them as part of your Sabbath keeping. I too love cards/stationary but am not as crafty, but you’ve inspired me!


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