We are so grateful for the myriad ways the members and friends of Young Clergy Women International support this ministry. We are particularly thankful for the generous financial support we receive through sustaining donations. We are once again offering YCWI Swag as thank you gifts for that generosity. Check out the available donation levels below, and thank you for your continued generosity to this good work.

**Note: All pictures are approximations only of final product.**

YCWI Swag:

YCWI Sticker

Stickers will be circular, clear, with a white YCWI logo – you get to choose which background they’ll complement in your own homes or offices.

YCWI Diner Mug

Science tells us thicker mugs make your brain think the coffee within is even more delicious (is that possible?), so you definitely want one of these to add to your collection. (Color will be the traditional diner mug natural color rather than navy.)

YCWI Tote Bag

Who doesn’t need another tote bag? How else would you carry around all those amazing ideas you come up with?

YCWI Sweatshirt Blanket

Like throwing on an extra layer of clothing, this blanket is as comfortable as that favorite sweatshirt you throw on to just hang out around the house.

Monthly Sustaining Gifts:

Any Amount

YCWI Sticker


YCWI Sticker + Diner Mug


YCWI Sticker + Mug + Tote Bag


YCWI Sticker + Mug + Tote Bag + Sweatshirt Blanket

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*Note: Donation levels are not pre-set, so if you choose to donate an amount between the set amounts for swag, you will receive swag for the next level below your donation. Please put “Fall Fundraising” in the comments section. Thank you!

Please see our International Donations page for online donations outside the United States and Canada.