General Submission Guidelines

At Fidelia, we look for work that is fresh, insightful, and thought-provoking. Successful submissions will be those that make us think, whether or not we agree with the author or artist. Prophetic pieces that speak to the trials and tribulations of ministry are welcome and appreciated, so long as they do not devolve into whining. We love the church, even as we know that ministry presents its challenges regardless of one’s age, denomination or ministry context.

While we recognize that many issues cross these demographic lines, our primary focus is to provide a place for the younger generation of clergy women to speak and be heard. Writers and artists who fall outside the young clergy women category whose work fits the above description are also welcome to submit articles for consideration, though young clergy women will be given preference in most instances.

All of the articles submitted to Fidelia are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. All submissions remain property of the individual writers which Young Clergy Women International has the exclusive privilege to publish and publicize throughout our communication channels including Facebook and Twitter.

We prefer that writers utilize their own names but recognize that there are circumstances when to do so would jeopardize aspects of an individual’s professional or personal life. We therefore will publish submissions with a name withheld under the following conditions:

  • We have and are able to verify your real name and institution’s name.
  • The article does not in any way libel an individual or institution.
  • If you are writing with a pen name, any other institutions or people you describe must also be pseudonymous.
  • If you submit multiple articles, you must use the same pseudonym for all articles.

Submit your written work in Microsoft Word, Text, or RTF file. Prose submissions should be at least 500 words, but no more than 1250 words. Simultaneous submissions are fine; let us know if an article has been published before or if one published at Fidelia is printed elsewhere (including a personal blog). Allow up to two months for a response to your submission. We offer $25 per published article.

Submit your work and a brief biography, including your full name (with title), current ministry setting, and seminary, to

Ask a Young Clergy Woman

Simple, serious, humorous, and heart-breaking: we’re looking for all kinds of questions for a YCW. We’ll be taking questions, and giving the answers, bringing YCW’s with expertise and strong opinions about the questions asked to give you advice and answers. We’ll also be looking for guest columnists with specific areas of young clergy woman expertise.

Here I Stand

Where are your feet planted? What’s the context of your ministry? Here I Stand will be stories of clergywomen in the spaces and places where they’ve been called to serve. Send us your stories of ministry in a specific time and place.

The Jesus Review

We are seeking pieces that thoughtfully engage with popular culture from a theological perspective. What would Jesus think of the TV show you find yourself watching week after week, the music all the kids in your youth group are listening to, the latest Broadway hit, or a current NY Times bestseller? Submissions may also occasionally include reviews of materials specifically of interest to young clergy women. Successful submissions may be affirming or critical, without devolving into self-righteousness.

Just Race

This column draws on the perspectives of a diverse group of young clergy women whose experiences of race vary depending on their social locations, cultural backgrounds, and racial and ethnic identities. We pray that the rich reflections in this column will bear witness to the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ in an age of racial inequality and injustice.

Lift Up Your Hearts

A column that examines a crucial intersection in the life of any minister, Lift Up Your Hearts seeks to reflect upon the impact of our ministry upon our relationships and the impact of of our relationships on our ministry.

Ministry Lab

Offers a space for ministry that is new, innovative, or exploratory in nature. What’s happening in the world of non-traditional ministry? How will ministry necessarily shift in response to the changing needs of the world? Are you navigating new waters and blazing new trails in ministry? Send us your ideas,

Real Word

Sometimes the Bible jumps right off the page and into your life in unexpected ways. The Real Word column is about how the Word has challenged and changed us. Send us your stories about how interaction with the Biblical text surprises you, startles you, or just nudges you a little bit.

The Single Rev’s Guide to Life

We are looking for witty, poignant, and honest essays about being a single young clergy woman. Anecdotes and reflections from a first-person perspective are encouraged, and may be humorous or serious. Possible topics might include meeting people in a new community, navigating the dating world as a pastor, dealing with loneliness, and maintaining personal boundaries.

Such a Time as This

Our current events column, an occasion to react to the news of the world–news that is serious, heartbreaking, joyful, heavy, or light; and a space to reflect on that news in the light of both the Gospel and our unique perspective as young clergywomen.

When the Collar Comes Off

is our attempt at a bit of off-roading. While young clergy women claim ministry as a vocation rather than merely a job, we also know that there’s more to us than the ministry professional who stands behind the pulpit, in the classroom, at the table, beside the font, or next to the hospital bed. This column takes a look at the hobbies, interests, and bi-vocational occupations in which young clergy women engage when the collar comes off.

Holy Ghost Grab Bag

We offer this space for those who like to think outside of the box. We are looking for submissions that don’t quite fit in any of the above categories. This section will be published sporadically, as the Holy Spirit doesn’t always schedule our inspiration.

Living Liturgy

God comes to us as Word. This column is a space for young clergy women to share words of prayer and liturgy that express and shape faith for us and the congregations we serve. These pieces can but do not have to relate to the church calendar.

The Ones We Love (Retired)

We are looking for reflective, honest, and thought-provoking pieces on how your role as a young clergy woman shapes the way you relate to the ones you love, for better and for worse. Friends, relatives, neighbors, pets, colleagues–even enemies or inanimate objects might fall into the category of being “the ones we love,” so think broadly. Tell us how you find some balance by building relationships outside of church; write about your Facebook friends’ reaction to the news of your ordination; describe how you handle “holiday” times, which are hardly vacation for you. Show our readers what the interplay of ministry and relationships looks like from your perspective.

Moms in Ministry (Retired)

We are looking for funny, heartfelt, frustrated, inspired essays on attempting to balance the roles of motherhood and ordained minister. Examples include but are not limited to the decision to have (or not have) children; fertility, infertility, and its ups and downs; the experience of adoption/foster parenting; family leave; day care; life in the “fishbowl”; and relationships between children and the minister’s spouse/partner.

Our Cloud of Witnesses (Retired)

We are surrounded by those who went before us, and those who cheer us on from the sidelines. Our Cloud of Witnesses tells the stories of mentors, female clergy forerunners, and the people who made way for us to do ministry today.

The Gospel According to Lexi D. Vina (October 2007-September 2008)

This series of short stories chronicled the life of a fictional, 30-year-old, recently divorced woman busy serving God in a suburban context–and trying not to get into too much trouble.

Christ & Creativity (October 2007-September 2011)

This column published poetry, photography, music, and other art forms, including articles about creative process and what it brings to our lives and ministries.

Called and Sent (October 2007-August 2013)

Called and Sent highlighted ministry in all its variety — hospital chaplains, campus ministers, congregational pastors, overseas missionaries.

Divine Details (October 2007-August 2013)

This column published theologically reflective practical articles about the “business” of being young clergy women. Topics included stories about the call and search process, issues with insurance, pension, or health care, or professional development, and many other things one might never have imagined to pop up in ministry.

Along the Way (January 2012-August 2013)

This column highlighted the stories of young women working toward ordination before the age of 35.