Light in the Darkness: An Advent Playlist

I always contemplate how I could make a living creating playlists. Other than being a DJ, I’m not sure this talent is highly desired or sought after in the world. But in my little microcosm of life my friends and I wait for Advent with added excitement. We are waiting for the annual exchange of Advent playlists. We each create a playlist, exchange it and hope that it points the other toward some Advent theme.

This year, when pondering my iTunes library, I was drawn toward the theme of light in the darkness. In other years the playlist has been a combination of our themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Sometimes it has centered more on peace. I’m not sure why I’ve been drawn toward light this year, but I bet if I pay attention, I’ll find out.  Not all of these are Christian songs, or even religious, but they all speak to the contrast of light in darkness.


1.      Head Full of Doubt- The Avett Brothers. The darkness and light makes you think about the place where doubt and faith just might meet.  

2.      Waiting for my Child- Patty Griffin. We are all waiting for a child to come these days… 

3.      I Will Follow you into the Dark- Cadillac Sky. I wonder what it might mean if we all followed each other into the dark?  

4.      There Will be a Light- Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama. We all have incarnation moments in our lives.  

5.      Wait- Get Set Go. “Wait for the dawn my dear.”  

6.      Winter- Joshua Radin. While I wait…we remember, we wait and we hope. 

7.      Winter Winds- Mumford & Sons. Beauty triumphs doubt, let love grow.  

8.      The Trumpet Child- Over the Rhine. The Gospel according to Over the Rhine. “The meek and mild are strangely bold.” 

9.      There’s Still My Joy- Indigo Girls. This song reminds me that multiple emotions co-exist during this season of expectation. Grief and joy can take place in the same moment.   

10.  Untitled 3- Sigur Ros. Just wait…you’ll know when hope is here.  

11.  O Come O Come Emmanuel- Rosie Thomas. Our heart’s true cry?  

12.  One- U2. Is it getting better? A good question for us to ponder.  

13.  The Wonder Song- Indigo Girls. Tell us the story/fill us with wonderful.  

14.  Joy to the World- Sufjan Stevens. We need some joy in this mix.  

15.  Soon Love Soon- Vienna Teng. Soaring voice for the silent plea.  

16.  O Holy Night- Mariah Carey. This song will always and forever be on any Advent/Christmas mix I ever make.  

17.  The World Exploded into Love- Bob Schneider. This would be a fun visual. 

18.  Christmas Song- Dave Matthews Band. DMB goes ahead and tells the story.


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  1. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Leah, I love this list.
    I saw your name in the liner notes of the new Over the Rhine disc – sadly, mine was accidentally left off. I’ve decided to hitch a ride with one of the “anonymous” tags. 🙂


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