Meet-­Up Week 2015

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Treasure-island-mapIf you’re excited for the arrival of warmer weather, daffodil blossoms, and for the season of Lent finally being over, then you might want to add to that list of springtime joys the TYCWP Official Meet­Up Week! This is a time to get together with your local YCW colleagues and have some face­to­face time, meet new friends or rekindle old friendships. The support of our sisters in ministry is one of the greatest gifts of this project and we want to facilitate making connections in your area.

As our FB community grows, it’s important to deepen our connections through in­person contact and many of us wanted something more than once a year at the conference, so Meet­Up week was born. The hope is that it will spawn more regular gatherings of YCW who are in the same area. You might be surprised to find that a name you see regularly in the FB posts is a near neighbor.

So, without further ado, the third week of April (4/19­4/24) has been designated as Official Meet­Up Week for TYCWP. We’ve set up a Google Map with pins that designate where there will be a meet­up. Look for
one near you, or create your own!

The Google Map link is posted in the directions below and on the FB page and here’s what you need to do:

If you are looking for a meet­up, but NOT as a host:
1. Click on the map link. (
2. On the left, there should be a box with a list of places that are hosting meet­ups.
3. Click on the one you want to attend.
4. A box should pop up with the name of the host and her contact info, as well as the meet­up day and time, or other pertinent info.
5. Please contact the host if you plan to attend so she can make arrangements for the correct number of people.
There is an arrow button at the bottom of the box that should open driving directions to that spot as well.

If there is not a meet­up that works for you, either *start your own as a host* or come back later and see if one’s been set up in your area that does work.

If you would like to HOST a meet­up, here’s how to set up a new pin:
1. Click on the link to the map. (
2. Under the search bar, find the teardrop shaped ‘pin’ image; click it.
3. Use the cross hairs to mark the place you want to meet (you’ll want to be zoomed in nice and close already)
4. A box will pop up, fill in the top box with the city, state and in the ‘description’ box, fill in with “Contact: (your name and email)” as well as the name of the place, the day and time you’d like to hold the meet.
5. Hit Enter/Return. This should automatically save it.
6. If you hit enter too soon, just click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the box to go back into edit mode.

Hosts, please do try to get your schedules firm as soon as you can. This helps those of us with tight schedules and full calendars get things in place or rearrange if needed.

Ladies, please remember to take pics of your meet­up and post them to our Facebook Page. We love to see our YCW together and having fun.  Enjoy your time in community, together!

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Used with permission
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