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Young Clergy Women International is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women, defined as those under forty. …read more…

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We are our members. The young clergy women that join our project make us the dynamic group we are. …read more…

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YCWI publishes new, fresh and evocative articles every Tuesday and Thursday written by members of our community on Fidelia’s Sisters. …read more…

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YCWI offers conferences for continuing education and in-person fellowship. …read more…

Fidelia Magazine Articles

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And he came to her and said, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord…
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When the Professional is Personal

When the pastor's phone rings, you never know who or what is…
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Letting the Church Be the Church for their Pastor

One of my favorite images of a pastor is that of shepherd.…
cemetery on a hill at sunrise

Talking to Young Children about Death

Recently a fellow young clergywoman shared a story* in which…
"For Everyone Born" in text set in front of a rainbow-colored silhouette of the St. Louis skyline

Supporting Your Methodist Friends

Dear Non-Methodist Friend (who probably cares about and knows…
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Sacramental Presence

There are a number of things that I like about being single.…
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Speaking For Me

“The issue.” That’s how we are often talked about by conservatives…
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Tools for Good News People When Sharing Bad News: How to Let a Church Employee Go

As the new year unfolds, so often does the need for casting new…