Prayer for Parents & Those Who Want to Be

Post Author: Ashley-Anne Masters

For those who got pregnant right away and those who have been trying for years…


For those who entrust their babies to the care of another family…


For those who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their home and those who are terrified they are not fit to be parents…


For those whose child will get a soccer scholarship and those whose child will never run…


For those who proudly pose for pregnant photos and those who shamefully hide their bellies…


For those who are proud to be fathers and those who hope the DNA tests are incorrect…


For those who pay child support and those who need child support…


For those who fight with teenage daughters and those whose daughters have run away…


For those who cannot pay for college and those who cannot pay for medical care…


For those who home school and those who fear their children won’t make it home from school…


For those who think their son is the best surprise of their life…


For those whose children are in prison and those whose children want to be corrections officers…


For those whose baby doesn’t live outside of the womb and those whose wombs are empty…


For those taking hormones and those who feel exhausted from hormone changes…


For those grieving what will never be and those amazed by what life has become…


For those who are single parents and those who are now step parents…


For those who have an empty nest and for those whose nest was never full…


For the couple who is closer than ever and the couple getting divorced…


For all of your children of all ages, hold them close and give them life…Amen.


Editor’s Note: Permission is granted by the author to use this prayer in written or spoken form as long as “Written by Rev. Ashley-Anne Masters” appears somewhere in the order of service or bulletin.

Ashley-Anne Masters is a pastor, chaplain, author and theologian in Chicago, IL. She is ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and received her Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. She is co-author of “Bless Her Heart: Life as a Young Clergy Woman”, which is the first book from The Young Clergy Women Project Series through Chalice Press.  Currently, Ashley-Anne serves as a PRN chaplain at Children’s Memorial Hospital and is passionate about providing education and support to families during their hospital stay. She also serves as an event planner for various Presbyterian Church(USA) events and has much experience in youth and young adult ministry.

Photo by Lenny Baker. Used under Creative Common Share Alike 2.0 License.

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  1. Cathy C
    Cathy C says:

    I’m getting ready to preach my last sermon before maternity leave this upcoming Sunday– Lord willing, the creek don’t rise, and baby don’t come before then. May I borrow this prayer for our worship services?

    • Suzanne Miller
      Suzanne Miller says:

      Cathy, thanks for your question! We’ve added the Editor’s Note above that gives information as to how to use this prayer in worship.

  2. Christi
    Christi says:

    Love how inclusive this prayer is. A wonderful reminder that we all have ups and downs in our lives, especially when it comes to parenthood!

  3. Kim
    Kim says:

    As one who feels angry and not included on Mother’s Day in worship, thank you! This is a much needed prayer. Thank you.

  4. Julie Jensen
    Julie Jensen says:

    We used this in worship on Sunday, and I heard several times how moving it was, and how much people connected with it. Thanks for these words, and for making our worship better on a hard day to balance.

  5. Diane Sower
    Diane Sower says:

    If this prayer doesn’t tell it all, I don’t know what does. While my children were teens, I felt like such a failure, or, in their vernacular, a loser. Others were bragging about sending their children to medical school. I was going to the E.R. almost weekly to get a skateboarding kid stitched up. But now, in their thirties, I love them more than I thought humanly possible, and whatever they achieve will be just fine with me.


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