A Liturgy for Moving Out

When it was time to move out of the first home that I could truly call “mine,” it was with a complicated mixture of emotions. My most striking moments of joy and my deepest moments of pain were stacked side by side in cardboard boxes. The baggage involved in this move was not insignificant–pun intended. 

A Prayer for the Doubting

God of the Shadows, of the Hidden Places, of the Bellies of Whales, and the Recesses of Tombs,

Love and Limits: Pastoral Care for Persons with Borderline Personality

In seminary, one of my mentors said, “Beware the first person to introduce themselves to you in a new congregation—they’re probably borderline.” I’ve heard similar refrains in clergy circles ever since: “They will take all your time and energy if you let them.” “Every church has got one.”  “Beware the borderlines!” Stereotypes and horror stories […]

A Back-to-School Blessing

God of all that learns and grows, Bless our students, and guide them that their minds may grow in wisdom and their hearts may grow in compassion. Help us to nurture their questions and encourage their curiosity that they may learn more about the world You created and the people around it. 

Blessed are the Abortion Seekers

Blessed are those who seek abortions to save their lives From ectopic pregnancies, septic uteruses, and miscarriages. Blessed are those who seek abortions to save their lives From domestic violence, suicide, and poverty. Blessed are those who seek abortions for any reason at all.

Blessed Are the Meal Makers

As my husband and I celebrate our daughter Jo (Josephine) coming into the world this week, I’m reminded and grateful for the ways love surrounds us and literally feeds and sustains us.   This blessing was inspired by The Ministry of Meals at the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn for the ways they have […]

A Women’s History Month Blessing for Clergywomen

  I grew up in a Christian denomination that still opposes the ordination of women, but this March I’m celebrating my first Women’s History Month as an ordained clergywoman. When I left my childhood church at the age of 18, it took me a long time to find a church home where women were recognized […]

A Blessing For When You Say Something Stupid

God I have done it again foot in mouth paving that fiery road in so many good intentions

Blessing of the Backpacks

I have always loved back to school season. As a child I looked forward to picking out my new folder and composition book, eagerly watching as my mother painstakingly wrote our names on every item that would accompany us on our first day of school. When I finally graduated for the last time, I would […]

Blessing our Caregivers

Third Sundays in our congregation are healing Sundays. During communion, two healing ministers position themselves behind the altar rail, anointing oil in hand, to offer healing prayers and blessings to anyone who approaches them. Some people come forward to ask prayers for themselves – prayers for upcoming surgeries and for broken relationships and for grieving […]