In Need of God by Sharon Benton

I’m in the process of trying to write a sabbatical grant focused on interweaving the sacred feminine (God the Mother, Sophia, Creator) with my own creativity and intuitive ways of knowing. As I write within the parameters of the grant application proposal, I begin to realize how impossible it is to genuinely embody my sabbatical in the proposal – the proposal instructions leave no space for the creative endeavor! So I offer my grant proposal to Fidelia – in its true form.

In Need of God

I need the Father
I need the connection that Jesus knew –
his immanent and intimate relationship with
Abba –
I need him, too.

I need the King
I need his absolute authority over my life
(although I tend to rebel – don’t you?)
his protection and care
which balance my utter dependence.
I need him, too.

I need the Lord
My allegiance only to him
my devotion and faithfulness to the One beyond all earthly
I need him, too.

Father – King – Lord
he continues to comfort, encourage, challenge
and you!
He is strong and determined to keep me
and my 21st century kin
from falling prey to powers and principalities
that strive for more and more
of life
of will
of desire
…of our very souls.
I need the Father-Lord-King of All.


I need the Mother
her warm breast nourishing my hunger
her bleeding womb fertile with creative energy
her intuitive wisdom shared over baked, broken and buttered bread.
I need her long, unbound hair that identifies me
as beloved daughter in her image
I need her flowing skirt harboring openness and freedom for my sex
I need her name spoken with love
and her love spoken with joy
I need the Mother, my God – God of All.

This Month: Visual Art and Poetry

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While the medium and focus of the two pieces differ from one another, each piece speaks to the particularity of women’s experience while touching on broader themes that unite many of us.

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