Ask a Young Clergy Woman: Toxic Church Edition

Dear Askie, I am currently serving in a church that is best described as toxic. The staff is dysfunctional, the personnel committee seems to be disinterested in creating a work environment that is nurturing, anytime I bring up any concern I’m automatically shut down, and I am fed up. I have been searching for jobs […]

A Vision

It’s the closest I’ve ever come to having a vision. There were no trances or hallucinations, no fevered frenzy or mystic insights for the ages. There was nothing dramatic that would call attention to myself or invite curious questions about my sanity. There was nothing like that. It was just an image that came quietly, […]

To Be Separate or Not: That Is the Question

God and the world.  Sometimes, I think we think of them as two different things.  Sometimes we can think of faith, and the presence of God, as something that happens inside a brick building for an hour (or maybe two) on a Sunday morning.  I know this because even people who long for God in […]

Job Hunting for the Two Career Couple: When the Right Call Is Not the Church

I sat on the bed, listening to the shower. At my feet there was a massive pile of laundry, mostly my husband’s clothes. He was packing a large suitcase and moving to the East coast for a job. For the second time in 12 months, we were going to be separated. When we first met, we were […]

One Year To the Day

The gray walls whisper goodbye to me as I walk through them for a last time, making my way down the long hallways to surgery. Or perhaps I am the one extending silent goodbyes to this space as I wrap up my final day of Clinical Pastoral Education at a hospital on Chicago’s south side. […]

Wo/andering in the Desert…

by Sarah Klaassen (This article was originally published as a blog post at Sarah's blog: Sarah's Seattle Summer on February 23, 2010) I spent twenty years of my life intimately tuned to the liturgy of the academic calendar – the rhythm and rest of lengthy breaks interspersed between semesters that flowed from introductions and syllabus […]

The View from Your Ministry

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for “The View from Your Ministry” contest! A few of our favorites appear below. Also congratulations to Emily Chapman, who won the drawing for a Young Clergy Women tote bag and other goodies. It is exciting to get a glimpse of the different contexts in which we do our […]