Woman Tree, She Begets, Kacey’s Quilt

Christ and Creativity
We are rooted in the earth, sinking our roots deep.  We create safe places for conversations.  We make homes sharing our hospitality.  We engage in deep breathing and thinking, making way for the sacred within us.  Three women began conversing over a year ago about each of their ministries and what each felt called to.  Each voice was rooted in the sacred, womanly presence of Mother.  I began to reflect on each of us, women in ministry, as trees taking root in our various places.  Some are transplanted to a space with other trees close by, while others continue to grow in wide, open spaces…

Woman Tree:  Rooted in Mother Earth.
copyright Suzanne L. Vinson  2008.


As I meditated on what it means to be a part of a sacred grove, I met with a minister-potter-kindred spirit who was also embracing a vision of a woman tree, where each branch split into another.  Immediately the image that had been formed in my mind's eye took a new shape and Woman Tree:  Rooted in Mother Earth took form.  While I deem this block in "works" I add mixed media to each I print.  The image you have before you is of a tree in works, in bloom, in life.  More shall come.


She Begets She Begets
Design copyright Ana Y. Karim.  2008.


Ana, my minister-potter-kindred spirit sketched her image which I created into a block for her pottery.  Here is part of the print for you to enjoy and see some of my inspiration.  My image before coffee with Ana included a tree with women "swimming" throughout, all one pool of leaves together. 


Kacey's Quilt. 
Design copyright Suzanne L. Vinson.  2008.


Trees are throughout my art, from the name of my art to each art
form.  Quilting has been an art form that I have found soul
nourishing.  The tree here is one that I have sketched for years.  The
leaves are falling and becoming as they flow gracefully to the earth. 
Each stitch that I sew becomes a prayer for health and wholeness for
myself, those who see the quilt, and for Kacey-it's intended.  As these
cool nights strip the color from the trees outside my window, I can
look to this tree and regain a little spirit.  When the winter blues
sink in, I receive warmth and wholeness from these layers of love.  As
I quilt, I fondly remember the days spent with my Granny, my sweet
grandmother who died of Parkinson's disease.  She was a quilter and her
quilts warm each of us at night.  I feel blessed that through the
continuation of these art forms, the art of my ancestors, I can both be
blessed and bless.  My ministry takes shape in these stitches as I feed
my soul and find hope in tomorrow. 

Trees tell stories.  Trees preach.  Trees teach.  What do these trees say to you?


Suzanne leads spirituality and bereavement support groups using art.  Suzanne creates stoles & liturgical art used in worship and loves preaching with each opportunity to supply.  Suzanne writes for her blog www.reverendartistmother.blogspot.com and dreams of encouraging others to find spaces of healing & wholeness through art.  More of her work can be seen at www.silvertreeart.net.  

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  1. Beth B.
    Beth B. says:

    Thank you so much for these beautiful images, both written and in “print.” I, too, feel connected to my ancestors through sewing and love finding ways to express my spirituality through fabric.
    I appreciate your relationship with trees, as well. Blessing to you and your ministry.

  2. Jess R
    Jess R says:

    How beautiful and moving these images are. Trees are also very sacred symbols to me and speak to me of Mother and the connectedness of God’s creation.


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