Our Stories, God’s Stories

Casey FitzGerald

Telling scripture by heart deepens worship and education experiences for all generations, helping both teller and witnesses to make strong connections with God’s stories. Join Casey FitzGerald in learning the techniques to story-learning, and spend time considering how storytelling in various forms empowers those in our contexts to go deeper with scripture. Workshops will be fun and practical–you will go home ready to tell and inspired to get others telling!

The Reverend Casey FitzGerald is a Presbyterian pastor and Master Biblical Storyteller serving in Northern Virginia. She has performed biblical stories and led workshops in various settings including churches, seminaries, and national conferences. Casey believes that a return to the oral tradition of sharing the stories of God is essential for the formation of disciples now and in the future. Through her blog, Faith and Wonder, and her podcast, Story Divine, Casey encourages all to learn and tell the stories of God.