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Young Clergy Women International is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women, defined as those under forty. …read more…

Our Community

We are our members. The young clergy women that join our project make us the dynamic group we are. …read more…

Our Publications

YCWI publishes new, fresh and evocative articles every Tuesday and Thursday written by members of our community on Fidelia’s Sisters. …read more…

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YCWI offers conferences for continuing education and in-person fellowship. …read more…

Fidelia Magazine Articles

Green emergency exit graphic sign with human figure running through a door and an arrow pointing left

Emergency! …But Whose?

“Doesn’t it suck,” my colleague commented to me, “when…
Bible being held by two hands up in air, in the midst of a crowd

Ask a Young Clergy Woman: Working With Potential Partners With Theological Differences

Dear Askie, As a Young Clergy Woman who serves a mostly-progressive…
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Fight, Flight, or...What?

My latte is mostly gone. I’ve done as much work as I can…
when they call you a terrorist book cover - title, authors names on a colorful background

The Darkness Shines in the Light

White privilege is marked by blindness to the ways our language…
Lisa Lopez head shot - smiling

Why We Need More than a Framework of Rights in the Struggle for Justice

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated my home…
green tennis ball bouncing off of a red clay court with the shadow of the net across the court

The Need for Spiritual Agility

My middle school tennis coach used to arrange the balls in…
collage of pictures of participants of March for Our Lives march in Washington DC

Marching for our Lives: Called and Named

Looking younger than her eleven years, Naomi Wadler stepped…