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Young Clergy Women International is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women, defined as those under forty. …read more…

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We are our members. The young clergy women that join our project make us the dynamic group we are. …read more…

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YCWI publishes new, fresh and evocative articles every Tuesday and Thursday written by members of our community on Fidelia’s Sisters. …read more…

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YCWI offers conferences for continuing education and in-person fellowship. …read more…

Fidelia Magazine Articles

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Irresolutions: When the End is all You Want, but the Journey is all You’re Promised

It started with blinding pain in my abdomen—the kind that wakes…
A decorative image showing four people, two white men, one white woman, and a Black woman, smiling into the camera against a backdrop of local trees in LouisianaJesse Zink

Irresolutions: Creating a Rule of Life

A few months ago I attended a CREDO conference, a week-long conference…
A decorative image showing a single, dim light against a completely black backgroundRev. Merianna Harrelson

Irresolutions: New Year, New You?

The new year in American culture rings in the reminder of all…
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The Heroine’s Journey, Part Six: Initiation Crisis and Descent to the Goddess

This post is the sixth in what is a series of ten exploring the…
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Irresolutions: Battling Metaphors

The first thing my partner’s father asked after we told him…
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New Year’s Irresolution

Earlier this year, I was at an annual gathering of other local…
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Beatitudes for Clergy for a New Year

Blessed are you who are showered with gifts and cards and gratitude…
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Reflections on Incarnation in this Season of Advent

The familiar faces of my parishioners occupy the screen before…