Monstrous Regiment

I will declare my bias here and now – I adore Terry Pratchett, and have done for years. I’m afraid you will find little of objective critique here, just unabashed admiration. If you haven’t yet met him and the world of characters he has created, I highly recommend them to you. In my mind, they […]

So You Think You Can… Dance?

by Kate Smanik Moyes I am not fond of reality television. In fact, that statement puts my sentiments quite mildly. In truth I am repulsed by the modern television programs that claim to be “reality”. Any program that exploits the young adult population that I serve brings up feelings of anger and frustration for me. […]

Reviewing An Old Favorite

On the days when I feel “nobody understands” I remind myself of one of my favorite books about spiritual journeys, Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd. This book reminds me of what I loved about seminary – the imaginative and “out of the box” experiences of God. In the six years of […]

The Official Summer Reading List

While summer may only offer the daydream of more reading time, many YCW prepare for a slightly slower season by gathering a stack of books to stuff in their beach tote or in their suitcase.  Some of these books seek to enhance our vocational calling while others offer a much-needed escape from the work we […]

A Gardener’s Education

by Molly Vetter I’ve been on a bit of a Michael Pollan kick lately.  Enthused that his explorations of our food systems have helped make gardening hip (or, at least, have helped get Michelle and Barack to dig in), I keep going back for more.  Since first reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, I have delighted that his […]

Theologically Lost

by Sarah Kinney Gaventa and Elsa A. Peters This month, the Jesus Review is pleased to bring you a conversation between two of our favorite TV junkies. Excuse me. They would like you to know that they only watch intelligent TV. This conversation wasn’t an exchange the tinkling of coffee mugs in a coffee shop […]

The Twilight Series

by Teri Peterson I confess that I’m almost always behind the curve on the cultural phenoms of our day—I got on board the Harry Potter train when book four came out. I don’t really like movie theaters and so often don’t see movies until they come out on DVD. I pay some attention, but not […]

Slumdog Millionaire

by Elsa A. Peters When is life not a multiple choice question?  When does life challenge us to make one choice rather than selecting the ever-tempting ever-impossible All of the Above?  There is only one of choice — or at least, this is what Director Danny Boyle presents in the story of Jamal Malik in the award-winning […]

Small Epiphanies

We are people of the book.  This is no epiphany – great or small. Whether we offer chapter and verse to prove our point, sing the psalms or seek comfort in Jesus’ words, we are women that center our lives on text. On Epiphany, we celebrate the books that have offered us strength in the […]

Singing Glad Tidings of Joy

In the places that we serve, we are aware of the shift that Advent brings. Not only does it shift our awareness toward planning worship services, bazaars and bake sales, but also highlights our awareness of where God’s light needs to shine this season. As we wait for God to tear open the heavens and […]