The Chosen: A Jesus Show Worth Watching

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Jonathan Roumie plays Jesus in The Chosen.

Until I saw The Chosen, the only shows or movies I had seen featuring Jesus were in one of three categories: boring, educational, or satirical (remember this vintage 21 video? It still makes me laugh). Now I can add a fourth category: thought-provoking and enjoyable.  Read more

My Utmost: A Devotional Memoir Book Review

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Sometimes I feel out of place in my denomination. I’m an ordained Episcopal priest living on the East Coast in a liberal area, but I was raised Baptist in the Midwest, very much part of the evangelical fundamentalist subculture. Even though I’m an ordained clergywoman of another denomination, there is much I value about my childhood faith and upbringing. Thanks to AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, a sort of Christian version of Boy and Girl Scouts), I have a very strong knowledge of Scripture. Due to memorizing Scripture as a kid and preaching and teaching at my church now, I have a sound understanding of the Bible. While knowing Scripture is useful professionally and meaningful personally,, I still find myself feeling out of place and at odds, both with others in my diocese and with my friends and family back home. Something is not quite aligned. Something is not fully integrated.

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