because you’re not the only one.

This is our slogan in YCWI. We celebrate the connections that are made at our conferences. Here are a few things our past participants have said after attending our conferences.

“I was nervous about the YCWI conference – how could I connect with these women who I had previously only known online?  The answer? Very easily. We prayed and sang and laughed together; we ate and drank and shared our lives. It was incredibly edifying to spend days with women who felt God’s call just like me. Together we could shout together – We are not alone!”

~ Elizabeth Grasham

“My 2013 YCWI conference highlight was dining at Silo, an upscale Nashville restaurant with 6 or 7 women I’d never met in person before. We shared stories and support of course, but I loved the laughter, the immediate sense of being among allies, of being safe. Sips of each others’ cocktails, small bites of entrees and desserts; all of this an expression of welcome and reassurance. You aren’t the only one. There’s enough bourbon and chocolate and shoe porn to share.”

~ Heather Godsey

“Women holding babies, women talking Old Testament studies, women sharing ministry challenges, women going out for ice cream and getting pedicures together…it was like a clergywoman’s Christmas morning. I enjoyed the worship, the discussions, and the time away from home to get some rest and be refreshed. Thank you YCWI for tailoring a gathering  for women like me.”

~ Amber Inscore Essick 

You’ll find other words like these on Fidelia where Lisa Marchal got a shot of carbonation and Katie Yahns reflects on her experience at the 2011 Conference in Love the Ones You’re With.

We hope you’ll add your own words after attending one of our conferences.

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