Wear the Red Dress

Post Author: Lydia Posselt

I will wear red.
I will wear the red dress, even though
you will talk behind your hands to
wonder out loud –
what is she wearing
why is she wearing that
is that even appropriate
should a [insert literally anything here] be wearing that.
I will wear red.
I will wear the red dress
because you will notice something or other about me anyway
My haircut
My breasts
My ass
My legs
My shoes
My weird laugh
My voice that’s too high.
I will wear red
like the tree last to shed her leaves
that hussy show-off
she burns as her leaves die, her falling apart
is absolutely stunning.
She sheds her death like a skin
a beacon, a burning bush.
I will wear red like her.
I will wear red.

Lydia Posselt is the pastor of Family of God Lutheran Church in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Philadelphia. A Midwesterner in origin, she attended Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with her 2 cats.

Image by: Lydia Posselt
Used with permission
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