A Blessing For When You Say Something Stupid

Post Author: Kendra Joyner Miller


I have done it again

foot in mouth

paving that fiery road in so many good intentions

God bless me

in my imperfection

in the ways my stuff

gets in the way of hearing someone else

their longing – their need – their truth

God bless those who are subject to my humanness

comfort where I’ve inflicted pain

allow me the humility to ask for what you so freely give


God bless me and allow me to settle in grace upon grace

and trust that even when I mess up

you O Holy One are still at work

with your enveloping love

which heals all things – hopes all things – endures all things

love that never fails



Kendra is the Associate Minister at First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn, where she has been for the last seven years. Kendra's two main loves are being adventurous outdoors and making delicious food to share with loved ones. When not busy doing, Kendra loves to be in her creek-side home with her husband Dan, a Lutheran pastor, their daughter Eliza, and their dog Connie,  making messes and reading bad fiction with a good cup of coffee.

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