My body is heavy this Advent

My body is heavy this Advent.   Mary of Nazareth’s body was heavy too, or so we imagine in Advent. She is often shown so young and beautiful, demure and obedient, glowing though that may be the halo more than the pregnancy. If we have ever met a real live pregnant woman, we might more […]

10 Things I Wish All Clergy Understood About Pregnancy Loss

In the years since my own experience of pregnancy loss, something amazing has happened. An entire world has opened up to me—a world filled with women and men and families who have gone through similar experiences. I’ve heard stories from strangers, friends, even family members. And because I am a woman who has gone through […]

WTF, God? A Prayer after Pregnancy Loss

I was in a church meeting when I found out I was having a miscarriage. I had stepped out of the conference room at our diocesan offices when my phone rang, assuming it was the fertility clinic calling to give instructions for starting the next round of medications. We had been told that the last […]

To Till the Ground

It was Sunday morning, eight weeks from my last menstrual period, three weeks since the first faintly pink positive result appeared, ten days since the darkened line confirmed it, and a measly 24 hours until my first prenatal appointment. It was Sunday morning, and I was bleeding. Marrett and I had been trying for this […]