Why I Go to Church on Sunday, Especially When I Don’t Want To



“Every Sunday morning I wake up not wanting to go to church. By noon, I’ve come face-to-face with the holy and I’m humbled.” #realclergybios

I wrote that tweet back in January, but it nicely sums up my pastoral experience of the last 12 years. When my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings, my first thought is always “already?!” followed closely by “who decided that church needed to be at 8:15?” and “I hate being a pastor!” Mornings have always been my least favorite time of day, and, as an introvert, having to cheerfully greet hundreds of people always fills me with dread. Read more


This month we feature the photography of Elizabeth Marie Melchionna.

After graduation, Elizabeth Marie took a slightly different route than most seminary students. She applied–and received–a Luce Fellowship, a prestigious scholarship that allows young American professionals to live and work a year in Asia. During her year in Chiang Mai at Payap University’s McGilvary College of Divinity, Elizabeth Marie taught liturgy and English. She also traveled extensively throughout southeast Asia.

Below are portraits of three women (the first from Indonesia, the latter two from Thailand), while the fourth is a picture of a Thai church, far from any paved roads: Read more