A Back-to-School Blessing

Post Author: Victoria Wick

A top-view photograph of brightly colored school supplies (colored pencils, tempera paints, tape, protractor and compass, paper clips, calculator, eraser, pencil sharpener) arranged in a loose circle atop gray hardwood floor.

God of all that learns and grows,

Bless our students, and guide them that their minds may grow in wisdom and their hearts may grow in compassion. Help us to nurture their questions and encourage their curiosity that they may learn more about the world You created and the people around it. 

Bless our teachers, and grant them another big dose of creativity and resilience as they prepare for the uncertainties of another pandemic school year. Help us to support our teachers and the work they do that they may continue to support their students. 

Bless our support staff, and multiply their resources as they tend to the essential needs of students, teachers, and administrators. Help us to remember that the work that often goes unnoticed is sometimes the most important—not unlike Yours. 

Bless our administrators, and give them wisdom in their decision-making during a time when there are no easy decisions. Help us all to take up the collective responsibility of educating and supporting one another, so that one day school will not be the only place some kids feel safe and loved.

Finally, bless our church, and grant us the wisdom and courage to support one another in becoming lifelong students of Your Word and Way. We ask that You give us patience when learning feels hard, and humble us when we start to feel like we have everything figured out. Teach us to celebrate questions and embrace wonder, so that we will never stop learning more about who You are and who You created us to be. 

In the name of Your son whom they called “Teacher,” we pray. 



Rev. Victoria Wick is a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She received her MDiv from the University of Chicago Divinity School and currently resides in Hagerstown, MD with her dog, Maisie, who is named after the Pearl of Great Price. 

Image by: Gábor Adonyi
Used with permission
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