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At the recent annual board meeting of the Editorial Board, our editors decided that we would no longer publish the column Christ & Creativity in order to make way for a new column featuring the voices of young women along the way to ordination. Until the advent of this new column, we will publish our best columns over the four years of Fidelia's Sisters.

Our board members are passionate about our TYCWP community. Their names appear in many of the bylines of the articles published on Fidelia's Sisters. While we reserve second place for Amy Summers-Minette who has published in three of our columns, Joanna Harader takes the cake. Joanna has published articles in Called & Sent, Christ & Creativity, Divine Details and more than one column in Moms in Ministry. This gives our editors a lot to choose from in picking which article to publish but we decided to use the beautiful hymn that Joanna shared in June 2010 in The Body of Christ: A New Hymn in Sunday Morning & Beyond


Recently, I was planning a worship service that focused on the body of Christ–both the metaphor that Paul uses and the bread of communion. I could not find a hymn that tied these two things together, so I decided to write one. (This is the danger on weeks I do not preach–I find something besides a sermon to write.)

The words fit the same meter, 10 10 11 11, as “O Worship the King” (often sung to tune “Lyons”). I was aided in my efforts by a musician in the church. You are welcome to use this text is you wish. I would love to hear if there are other hymns that speak about the body of Christ.

“The Body of Christ” (based on I Corinthians 12)

The body of Christ alive in this place,

we are Christ’s hands, his feet and his face.

Both women and men and the young and the old

each one is a part that we need for the whole.

We drink from the cup, we eat of the bread.

From my hand to yours, each one will be fed.

The rich and the poor this great banquet shall share,

with Christ as our host we will rest in God’s care.

As we eat the meal, join voices in song,

our bodies are fed, our spirits grow strong.

In sorrow or in joy, united we’ll be;

One body, one Spirit, one great mystery.

Words by Joanna Harader and Jim Crouse, copyright 2010

Joanna Harader is pastor of peace Mennonite Church in Lawrence, Kansas. She is happy to be part of the Body, and she is happy that she can sing this wonderful tune, "Lyons", without all of the patriarchal baggage.

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