Celebrate the First Anniversary of “Along the Way”

Post Author: Lee Hull Moses

Winding RoadIn the five-plus years that Fidelia’s Sisters has been sharing stories of the life of ministry for young clergy women, columns have come and gone as the needs of our community have grown and changed. Our newest column, Along the Way, debuted one year ago this month.

Along the Way features articles by and for young women who are on their way toward ordination, or who are just beginning to think that maybe God is calling them to this life.

In the past year, we’ve heard from women who are finding ways to trust their calling. We’ve heard from women who are learning to claim their authority as pastor, preacher, teacher. We’ve heard from women who exploring their call in a variety of settings: CPE, pastoral internships, political activism. We’ve heard from women who are grieving the loss of family members, who are juggling a dozen transitions at once, who are stuck in that limbo between seminary and ordination, whose faith is being challenged and stretched. These are the stories of women along the way.

Visit the archives of Along the Way to read all the posts from the past year.

Are you a young woman who’s discerning a call to ministry? Maybe you’re in college right now and are sorting out what’s next. Maybe you’re heading to seminary next fall. Maybe you’re in your final year of divinity school and making your way through your denomination’s ordination process. Maybe you’re somewhere in between, not quite sure where God is calling you. We’d like to hear from you.

Or maybe you know someone who just might be called to ministry but doesn’t know it yet. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge from a friend or mentor that brings the call into full focus. Send them this article, and encourage them to write their own story.

Writers could be female seminarians or college students, or somewhere in between, but should be on the way to being ordained by the time they are 35. Submissions should be 500-1250 words and follow the guidelines outlined here.  Submissions may be sent to alongtheway.ycw_at_gmail(dot)com.

Intrigued but not sure what to write about? How about this…

–       Tell us how you decided to go to seminary, or how your parents reacted to the news.

–       Tell us about juggling classes, internships, and family.

–       Tell us about your experience in CPE: What was the most difficult situation you faced? The most life-giving?

–       Tell us how it’s going as you look for your first call, or negotiate a salary package.

–       Tell us how your home church nurtured you (or what you wish they had done).

–       Tell us how you describe to your non-church friends what you’re doing.

–       Tell us how you’re managing student loans, living expenses, and tuition payments.

–       Tell us what you love about this life, or what frightens you the most.

Tell us your story, so we can walk with you along the way.


The Rev. Lee Hull Moses is, among many other things, the column editor for Along the Way.  In October of 2012, she published a book with The Alban Institute, Hopes and Fears: Everyday Theology for New Parents and Other Tired, Anxious People.

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