Wordless For Anneliese and Luke   I am a pray-er and writer a speaker and singer I am a word weaver and warrior but you have taken my words away.   From the breath and keen of labor to the fog and ache of nursing from the midnight three and five a.m. giving myself to […]

A Prayer for the End of Nursing

O Lord, you have searched me and known me. You knew the moment when that sweet baby skin first touched my chest when that sweet little mouth gaped like a fish when that shocking moment of connection was made: Mother. Child. One. You knew. You knew the struggles, and the pain. The mostly sleepless nights […]

From Death to Life

Editor’s Note:  This may be difficult to read if you have pain around not being able to have a child or to breastfeed. Holy Week is a powerful time.  It is a time to tell a powerful story.  It is a time to tell stories of death turning to life. My body has often felt […]

On Hunger and Hagar

We are excited to introduce another new column to our line up at Fidelia’s Sisters!  “The Real Word” is a place where we can honestly and beautifully reflect on the intersection of scripture and life.  Sometimes the way we read scripture changes the way we view the world, and sometimes the way we view the […]